Enrich your soils, plantations, pastures, orchards, and more with essential microbial and fungal life through compost.

The Ritlee model TM3: This innovative tractor-mounted compost turner handles rows 3 meters wide and 1,5 meters high, of any length.

Revitalize your soil: Their compost turner expels harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) from the soil, replacing it with oxygen-rich air. This process reduces excessive temperatures, creating the perfect environment for beneficial microbes and fungi to thrive.

Foster microbial growth: As the compost is turned, it releases CO2, further supporting the colonization of beneficial microbes.

Even moisture distribution: Ritlee’s turner ensures that moisture is distributed evenly throughout the compost row, optimizing the composting process.

Replenish your soil’s vitality and ecological balance with Ritlee Model TM3 – Your partner in sustainable farming.

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