Welcoming women in prominent and strategic roles within maledominated industries and organisations is beneficial and inevitable as women’s capabilities are invaluable.

At ELB Equipment, women excel in prominent roles in an industry that may have been considered too tough and challenging for women.

Some of ELB Equipment’s dynamic women share stories of their journey:

Melanie Pienaar, National Parts Manager

“Women get the job done. We have administrative and coordination strengths which are useful for any company. My role has helped me love and understand the various machines we supply. ELB has showed me that my talents and abilities can fulfil the role. “ELB invests in its employees — women or men — to be self-starters. You’re dropped into the deep end with the belief, support, and confidence that you will make it work. I never intended to be the National Parts Manager but when the opportunity came, I embraced it. I believe that it’s not about the job title but about what you give the job. “I am consistently supported by management and my team to achieve our collective goals. I believe women will continue to access industries and roles that were not necessarily open to them previously. Surround yourself with people you trust, never underestimate yourself, set your heart and mind to anything you want, and stay in prayer.”

Sharnay Slatter, Financial Manager

“I started in July 2020 during lockdown. It was challenging in the beginning because I was joining a new company, learning new systems and procedures and it was also year-end, so it was a crucial time for the company. Our Commercial Director, Gerrit Kapp, has mentored me every step of the way. “Our team members are all treated as equals. The leadership here has an open-door policy and our input as women in the team is just as valuable as our male counterparts.”

Nancey Dickson, Sales Administration Manager

“I’ve been with the company for 19 years. I’m happy to see that the number of women has increased over the years. When this position became available, I was asked if I would like to do it. “Having been with ELB for a while, I’ve seen how more women are being placed in managerial positions within the company — even during restructuring.”

Nadia Nundikisun, Tender Department Supervisor

“A woman will always take what you give her and make it grow for herself and those around her. “I joined ELB Equipment in 2018 as a Tender Coordinator and I worked under the mentorship and guidance of Peter Kaliszka, who made sure that I was prepared for my current role. “I don’t expect subservience from my team and being a woman makes no difference in how our team works.”

Candice Serfontein, Warranty Department Supervisor

“Thirteen years ago, I joined ELB fresh out of school and started with in-house shipping. I then moved to the parts department and later the finance department. I helped build the warranty department where we handle warranties for our clients via our original equipment manufacturers (OEM). “What’s really stood out for me throughout my career at ELB is watching us evolve into a corporate organisation. “Things can get quite technical with the machinery and equipment, but our team is always willing to learn and there’s always someone willing to teach us. The ladies always have their ears to the ground and our input at ELB is appreciated and respected.”

Robyn Mackay, Sales Administrator

“ELB Equipment is like one big family. I’ve been with the company for 8 years and I’ve grown with them over the years. I started with the tenders department and moved around the company, learning with each new role I’ve taken on. When I was keen on joining my current team, I approached management and they offered me the role. Being a woman did not matter to them. “It’s truly exciting times at ELB with so many of us ladies being given opportunities to grow and learn in our careers.”

Motshabi Mogotsi, Public Relations Officer

“My position is respected. When I present my marketing campaigns to management, they allow me to take charge and run the show. They trust my abilities and skills. I started in 2019 and grew in the necessary skills. “A woman’s touch is always needed within businesses. The female teams always meet budget and we never drop the ball. With that we show our worth, and our ideas and solutions are always taken into consideration.”

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