The vital key to success in animal husbandry is feed. Therefore, more and more farmers rely on Rumax to provide their animals with nothing but the best.

Jaco Pieters started Rumax in 1999 by designing and manufacturing hammer mills. Later on, the company also ventured into feed mixers, manure spreaders and feed pelleting machines. Now, two decades later, the Rumax brand brings farmers a full range of feed-making equipment.

“I began small, making the hammer mills under a canopy,” says Jaco. “From there I expanded and also added new products to the range we manufacture.” Currently, all machines are made in our factory in Worcester, in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

“Initially, many of our clients were dairy farmers, but that also changed over the years. Our products provide solutions to cattle, sheep and game farmers all over the sub-continent including Zambia,” he says. “A couple of machines were also ordered from Kenya and Australia.”

Rumax machines have competitive advantage over overseas machines

When the rand weakened significantly in the early 2000s, Jaco saw the need that farmers had for feed mixers. “They needed feed mixers that could help them farm more profitably, but the cost of importing expensive mixers from overseas was too high,” Jaco explains.

Locally produced products not only fill this need, but also have the added benefit of understanding the farmer’s unique needs. After all, these needs change depending on your type of livestock, field conditions and climate, meaning no two farmers have the same needs. “Our customers can say ‘I need the controls to be on the side,’ then we can manufacture it that way,” he elaborates. “In this way, we manufacture the best machine for every farmer.”

Local means Rumax provides excellent service and spare parts are easy to obtain

Every piece of these machines is manufactured in-house in the factory. “Whether it may be a sprocket, gears or gear boxes, it is made here by us,” Jaco adds. “The benefit of this is that parts are readily available.” This eliminates the struggle of finding chains and other parts for foreign machines.

“We aim to provide farmers with high quality and reliable machines, that can work hard. They need to be dependable, durable and relatively maintenance free to ensure as little down-time as possible,” he explains. “That is why so many farmers from other African countries import our machines.”

They know they have a reliable supplier who provides top class machines and excellent after-sales service wherever their machines are working.

The Rumax round-bale mill mills a giant round bale in only seven minutes.

Rumax makes a difference in feed production

During the recent drought in South Africa, many farmers have benefited from using their Rumax feed mixers. “Sheep farmers in particular find our machines practical because they cut material very finely,” Jaco explains. “The 7 m3 feed mixer was specifically made with sheep farmers in mind, but it is a good choice for any farmer. It is a good average size and affordable as well.”

Rumax offers a collection of machines for animal feed production:

Full-feed mixers

Rumax feed mixers are available in various models to suit the needs of any farming enterprise. Capacities range between 5, 7, 9 and 15 cubic metres. It is used to mix feed rations and transport the feed to where the animals are fed.

Concentrate mixers

Similar to the feed mixers, these machines help in producing special concentrate mixes. Rumax produces a half tonne mixer, powered by a singlephase 3 kW motor. There are also 1 t and 1,5 t mixers with 5,5 kW motors, as well as a mixer with a two tonne capacity with a 7,5 kW motor.

Hammer mills

Rumax manufactures a variety of hammer mills. The smallest of the hammer mills, the BD32, is has a 3 kW motor. It can be manufactured with a singlephase motor, a three phase motor, or a diesel engine.

The BD55c is the most popular Rumax hammer mill equipped with a 7,4 kW motor. This machine has a milling speed of 3,5 t/h. The BD55 has a motor of 22 kW and a milling speed of 11 t/h.

The BD90 is the largest in the BD-series and offers a high output of milled materials. It runs on a 37 kW motor
and produces 15 t/h.

The round-bale mill is powered by a 37 kW motor and takes approximately seven minutes to chop an entire round bale.

Pellet machines

Rumax also manufactures pellet machines, giving farmers the option of producing their own feed – from plant to pellet.

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