With lively interest, farmers descended on Valtrac’s exhibition at NAMPO Cape.

“It was really worth it for us,” says Johan Steyn, salesman for Valtrac, in the Eastern Cape. “We have found many farmers who are interested in Valtrac and it is no wonder either, because Valtrac’s tractors and implements are the fulfillment of every farmer’s dream.”

He also mentioned everything that Valtrac exhibited:

Valtra N175 Versu tractor

The cabin of the Valtra N175 Versu tractor is as luxurious as the fanciest luxury car, so the farmer can sit comfortably in it and perform long hours of work on the farm, even into the night, because it has enough lights that turn night into day. Just as beautiful as this tractor is, so it is powerful, hardend, and tough to master the most difficult task.

In addition, the N175 Versu is smart and technologically advanced to make the farmer’s work easy and efficient with Valtra Smart Farming, Valtra Guide, ISOBUS, section control, variable rate control, and TaskDoc®.

The N175 Versu gives you 121 kW of power in exchange for surprisingly little diesel. It has a GPS touch screen, leather upholstery in the cabin, and a control armrest where the farmer can select and adjust all its functions.

The tractor has more than enough power to mount a backhoe. Its large window enables visibility to all sides, including upwards, so that the farmer can work easily, safely, and efficiently in all directions.

Other Valtrac implements that have attracted farmers’ attention are:

  • The APV KS 40 spreader is ideal for precise spreading in vineyards and other applications. The tank holds 40 litres. It is 12V electrically powered and is easily connected to any battery, which makes it possible to use it on any implement, bakkie, tractor, or quad bike.
  • Cutter Pottinger Novadisc 262
  • Fertiliser spreader Bogballe L15

Bogballe is known as the world’s leading fertiliser spreader in terms of quality, accuracy, and durability. Before the durable powder coating is put on, all the steel parts are cleaned in seven steps.

  • Tractors – Valtra A93F (73 kw, 4×4)
  • AST/Matic 450 rip plow
  • Valtra A134 Hitech tractor – 93 kw GPS autosteer ready
  • Tatu ground drill with three different points included
  • T-series Valtra 235 – 173kw
  • 4.2 Major Cyclone mulcher – Excellent machine for cutting pasture and requires a light tractor. Designed for the harshest working environment. Its patented double-cut blade system requires 25% less tractor power than a swing blade cutter, reducing fuel costs by 25%.

But that’s not all – Valtrac offers a wide range of other Valtra tractors and implements, all of which are rock solidly backed up with Valtrac’s legendary service that keeps farmers all over the country thriving.

For more information on Valtra tractors and all the other implements that Valtrac offers the farmer, speak to Attie de Villiers on 083-261-9863 or 056-817-8006, or send an email to attiedev@valtrac.co.za. Also visit www.valtrac.co.za

Valtrac’s NAMPO Cape video:
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