Every fleet owner needs the type of truck that provides him with longevity and durability for the long haul. Whether it is transporting goods and equipment across the border, or delivering harvests to grain silos and markets, this workhorse needs to be reliable and cost-effective.

Many fleet owners have found that the FAW JH6-range exceeds their expectations in this regard. These trucks help businesses to be more cost-effective while creating a comfortable and safe working environment for drivers. Ryan Rossiter, Co-owner and Director at Trafalgar Logistics, can attest to this.

“Trafalgar Logistics is a family-owned business,” Ryan says. “A lot of our business is based on the relationships we have built with suppliers and customers over the years.”

The Trafalgar Logistics story

Trafalgar Logistics started in 2002. At that time, there were twelve trucks in the fleet. By 2015, the company grew to 38 trucks and now, in 2023, they have a total of 50 trucks and growing.

“We are based in Boksburg, South Africa, but many of our operations run into Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, and the DRC,” Ryan explains. “We mainly serve the agricultural and mining sectors of Zambia and the DRC.”

The company specialises in transporting mining equipment to the mines in the Congo and bringing back, in turn, copper and cobalt hydroxide.

Ryan Rossiter, co-owner and director
at Trafalgar Logistics is satisfied
with the results of adding FAW
to their fleet

FAW contributes to Trafalgar Logistics’ success.

While on a business trip to the Botswana border in 2022, Ryan noticed that there were many JH6 500FT and JH6 420HP trucks on the road. “I was intrigued and started my own research into these models. I found out that one of my friends in the transport industry also had a few FAW trucks in his fleet. He gave me a review of the brand’s fuel consumption and I approached the Kempton Park branch to find out more.”

There are three main reasons why Trafalgar Logistics decided to purchase the JH6 420HP-models:

  • Value for the price
  • Immediate availability of units to join the business
  • Fuel consumption that was significantly better when compared to other similar models

“Another feature that made us consider the JH6 420HP in particular, was the warranty offered on the JH6 420HP, which was for three years or 300 000 kilometres at a very good price,” he added. Six JH6 420HP trucks were acquired to serve the growing demand Trafalgar Logistics is experiencing on the DRC route.

“Across our fleet of trucks, we have a wide variety of different brands, and we have found that the JH6 420HP has kept up with the rest of them,” Ryan says. “We have also found that this particular model is popular amongst our drivers for the manual transmission, excellent fuel consumption, and driver comfort.”

Top-notch service for clients Ryan is satisfied with the service he receives from FAW. “My experience with FAW has been excellent. The sales consultant has been extremely helpful. He has met our business needs and has always answered our questions.

“In my perception, FAW is certainly keeping up with other brands’ technology. If I need to add more trucks to the fleet, I will definitely choose FAW.”

Ryan explains that in terms of aftersales, FAW has been fantastic. “There is a dedicated person who runs our after-sales, booking trucks for services, and so on. When the trucks go in to be serviced, they are only out for one day, so we are happy.”

He regularly receives calls from other transport operators, asking him about the FAW brand. “They often ask about the power of the trucks, and I explain to them that the JH6 420HPs can pull a super link easily,” Ryan elaborates. “We run up those escarpments with the trucks and we have no issues. They also ask about the fuel consumption, which we know is very good.

“My friend who praised FAW’s performance phoned me to find out if I was satisfied with the JH6-models. On my recommendation, he obtained a few JH6 500FT trucks as well. I definitely recommend FAW to other fleet owners,” he concluded.

The FAW JH6 420HP provides excellent
pulling power to flatbeds
with heavy loads over the tricky
escarpments into Botswana, Zambia,
and the DRC.

To find out more about the FAW JH6 420HP trucks, visit the website at www.faw.co.za or visit your closest dealer.