FAW Trucks Southern Africa marks its 30-year milestone with a touching exchange. In a symbolic gesture, FAW swapped out one of the last remaining 4th-generation models from a loyal customer’s fleet.

FAW commemorated a loyal customer’s long-standing partnership with the brand by replacing one of the very first units in their fleet, a 2009 15.180FLS model, which happens to be one of the last remaining 4th-generation vehicles in the region. The old unit, with a remarkable estimated 1,5 million kilometres on the clock, now graces the Coega museum, while the customer received a brand-new JK6 model — a testament to FAW’s commitment to progress and legacy.

Preserving history: A milestone for the brand

The historical walk at FAW’s 30 year anniversary event would not be complete without this iconic vehicle. Henry Bruwer from Panbult Denne Saagmeule in Mpumalanga, a steadfast FAW customer, played a pivotal role. His unit, meticulously maintained over 15 years, embodies the heart of FAW’s journey. Its inclusion underscores the scale of importance this milestone holds for the brand.

With decades of operation, Henry’s logistics business spans regional routes, serving communities across Southern Africa. His introduction to FAW began years ago, and his first purchase — a 4th-generation model, became the backbone of his fleet.

The perfect fit: Features and support

Why that specific model? Henry explains how it fit his fleet’s needs. Fuel efficiency, reliability, and exceptional after-sales support from FAW convinced him to invest further. Today, FAW trucks constitute a significant percentage of his logistics operation. Beyond the original purchase, he now owns various FAW models, each contributing to his business’s success.

The new JK6 will contribute significantly to Henry Bruwer’s fleet.

Embracing change: The new JK6

At the anniversary event, Henry felt immense pride seeing his old unit in the historical walk-up. Now, it resides in the FAW SA museum, a living testament to enduring quality. As he embraces the new JK6 model, he eagerly anticipates exploring its cutting-edge technology. The future looks bright for both Henry and FAW Trucks SA.

Thoughts on the JK6

Henry described the JK6 as “promising.” The unit seamlessly integrates into his fleet, promising efficiency and reliability combined with the latest technology. As Henry navigates the road ahead, he embodies the spirit of progress that defines FAW.

FAW Trucks Southern Africa, a subsidiary of FAW Group Corporation, continues its legacy of excellence. From Coega to the highways, FAW trucks power progress across the nation.

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