The cold and cloudy weather did not keep farmers away from this year’s Balfour Hooidag (Feed Production Day). Farmers and other interested visitors gathered once again on Gert Kriek’s farm to see the newest hay making and agricultural implements in action. Gert is the chairman of Balfour Hooidag. All the main equipment producers used the opportunity to demonstrate their equipment and machinery’s powers and performance, and as usual CASE IH’s beautiful red equipment turned heads!

A variety of CASE IH and Northmec’s world famous implements were demonstrated at this year’s Hooidag, namely, various Sitrex-rakes, Vermeer-balers and hay equipment, CASE IH’s impressive balers and mowers as well as the WD 1905 windrower. Various CASE IH tractor series’, from big to small, of course helped to make the demonstrations a reality.

Dale Bierman, a sales representative from Agrimech SA and trader of CASE IH at Balfour, said: “The yearly Balfour Hooidag in our area is very important to us as Agrimech SA. It is an honour for us to offer and demonstrate the right equipment to farmers, big or small, on days like these.”

Dale adds: “A big highlight of the day for us was also to introduce the new addition to our tractor range, our Optum 300. This guy will also be on display at this year’s NAMPO harvest Day, for those who want to take a closer look!”

The Sitrex QR12-rake was not only beautifully decorated in red, its neat raking impressed farmers.

André Olwagen, head of CASE IH and NMI’s Tactical Marketing, share more after the day: “We as CASE IH are committed to deliver the complete package to the farmer. This year we had a good farmers day. Although the day started cloudy, it became a beautiful day, and everyone could demonstrate their equipment and show what they can do. Our range of equipment has also proven their worth once again. Our demonstrations included a variety of equipment, from our balers to our tractors, rakes, and mowers, as well as our support shop. There isn’t a number one on that RB455 baler for nothing, it’s the baler race winner after all!”

André adds: “2024 is a very important year for us and we are excited for what the year has in store. We want to show our farmers the advantages that our equipment and technology holds, and we want to help and support them to make better decisions for the future.

“This day offers us so many incredible opportunities to show farmers what we offer, to rub shoulders with the farmers, build relationships and most importantly for us, whether wet or dry, difficult or easy, CASE IH, Northmec Implements (NMI) and Agrimech SA walk right next to the farmer, and we want to offer the farmers peace of mind. They can lean on us.

Farmers watched with interest as the CASE IH WD 1905 windrower worked nimbly and quickly through the grass.

“We have dealers all over the country and we invite every farmer to contact us for good service and convenience, where the farmer can walk in and get everything he needs, from a smile to a cup of coffee and a long-term partner.

Farmers are impressed with the perfect bale made by the CASE IH RB545-baler.

“Every year this event just gets better and better! On behalf of CASE IH and Northmec we would like to express our thanks to all the organisers and everyone who helped make the day a success. We look forward to an exciting 2024 and to visit Balfour Hooidag again in 2025,” André concludes.

For any enquiries on CASE IH’s products, visit their website at and for any queries on Northmec Implements’ products, go to Contact the CASE IH dealer on Balfour, Agrimech SA, at (+27)17-004-0118.