Discover and take the unparalleled advantage of Fendt’s Full Precision Package – Fully unlocked with a comprehensive suite of precision farming technologies that will transform your agricultural operations like never before. With a 3-year CenterPoint subscription, you gain access to Fendt’s cutting-edge GNSS positioning system, ensuring precise guidance and accurate data collection across your fields.

Say goodbye to overlap and wasted resources as Section Control takes charge, automatically activating and deactivating individual sections of your implements based on the field’s contours, eliminating unnecessary overlap and optimising input usage. Harness the power of Variable Rate technology, enabling you to customize seed and fertilizer application rates on the go, responding to specific field conditions and maximizing yields while minimizing costs. With 3 years CenterPoint Subscription and the Fully Precision Unlock Package, Fendt equips you with the tools to enhance efficiency, increase productivity, and embrace sustainable practices, cementing your position at the forefront of precision agriculture.

The Fendt Vario Wheeled Tractors

In the world of modern agriculture, where efficiency, power, and precision are paramount, the Fendt 700 (ranging from 144-237 hp), 800 Vario (ranging from 226-287 hp) and 900 Vario (ranging from 355-415hp) tractors stand tall as true game-changers with German precision engineering and manufacturing. With their groundbreaking features and relentless commitment to innovation, the Fendt 700, 800 and 900 Vario series redefine what a modern tractor can achieve. Let’s delve into the exceptional capabilities and benefits that make the Fendt 700, 800 and 900 Vario the preferred choices for farmers worldwide.

Powerful Performance with VarioDrive Transmission

At the heart of the Fendt Wheeled Vario tractors lies a robust and high-performing engine. These powerhouses are engineered to deliver exceptional power and torque, ensuring that no task is too demanding. With intelligent engine management and innovative emissions technology, the Fendt tractors achieve remarkable fuel efficiency while meeting stringent environmental standards.

With Fendt leading the way its tractors take precision to a whole new level with their advanced transmission systems. The stepless VarioDrive transmission offers a wide range of speeds, allowing operators to seamlessly manipulate the tractors’ RPM and speed precisely to the task at hand. The seamless shifting ensures smooth acceleration, making every operation efficient and reducing fuel consumption. The result is precise control and enhanced productivity of the operator.

World-Leading Hydraulics, technology and connectivity

Equipped with high-performance hydraulic systems, the Fendt tractors effortlessly handle heavy implements and demanding agricultural tasks in South Africa. The systems’ precise control allows for smooth and responsive operation, enabling operators to work with utmost accuracy. Whether it’s lifting heavy loads, operating complex machinery, or executing precision tasks, the hydraulic systems ensure optimal performance and versatility.

Embracing the digital era, the Fendt tractors integrate cutting-edge technology and connectivity options to enhance productivity and decision-making. Through their intuitive user interfaces and advanced display systems, operators have access to real-time information, performance monitoring, and diagnostics. The tractors’ connectivity features enable seamless data exchange, empowering farmers to make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations and maximize efficiency.

With all the Fendt Wheeled Tractors being Fully precision unlocked means that for the life of the machine Section Control and Variable Rate is unlocked with a 3-year subscription to CenterPoint. Additionally, Fendt ConnectTM telemetry comes with 5-year subscription which the customer and dealership can monitor every tractor sensor remotely to ensure down time is minimized and services are regularly done.

Comfortable Operator Environment while giving exceptional traction and stability.

The Fendt tractors prioritize operator comfort and well-being. Their spacious and ergonomic cabins provide fatigue-free working environments, even during long hours in the field. The controls are intuitively designed for easy operation, and the cabins are equipped with advanced features such as air conditioning and high-quality sound systems. The focus on operator comfort ensures enhanced productivity and operator satisfaction.

Challenging terrains are effortlessly conquered tractors with their intelligent four-wheel drive systems and superior traction control, these tractors maintain optimum grip and stability, even in rugged and tough conditions in South Africa. Farmers can confidently navigate hills, slopes, and uneven terrain, knowing that the Fendt Wheeled tractors are designed to tackle any challenge with ease.

Warranty, Finance and Specially thrown in Service Campaign

To further enhance the value and peace of mind for our customers, Fendt in South Africa, through it’s dealers, proudly offers a 3-year or 3000-hour warranty, whichever comes first, with the purchase of any Fendt wheeled tractor. Moreover, we are excited to announce our Prime -3% Finance Campaign, making it even more enticing to invest a Fendt with 30% deposit and 36 months repayments. With this campaign, customers can enjoy a reduced interest rate, saving money on their financing and improving the overall affordability of owning a Fendt tractor.

As a special bonus, we are delighted to include three 500-hour services with the purchase of any Fendt wheeled tractor. These services provide peace of mind, ensuring that your Fendt tractor receives the expert care it deserves throughout its lifecycle. This promotion will only be valid for July to end of September 2023.

Summing up the Fendt Wheeled Vario Tractors

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The Fendt wheeled tractors exemplify the perfect blend of performance, versatility, and innovation. They empower farmers to achieve new levels of productivity while minimizing fuel consumption and maximizing precision. From their powerful engines to their advanced technology and comfortable operator environments, the Fendt’s set a new standard for excellence in the agricultural industry. Experience the future of farming with a Fendt and witness the transformative impact they can have on your operations. Contact your nearest dealer or visit our website at

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