The new FendtONE platform merges the machine and the office into one control unit. FendtONE combines the familiar operation of the tractor with the terminal for planning or controlling tasks that traditionally takes place in the office.

“Fieldwork has always been completely separated from office work. Even though the two activities are interrelated, they happen separately and are carried out on different systems,” explains Robbie Hall, Product Marketing Manager for Gold Harvesting, AGCO Africa. In this regard, FendtONE represents the first holistic operating system on the market.

It is a unique fusion of the onboard and offboard world by means of wireless data transfer. Features include local and round-the-clock data management on different devices, identical operating logic on the machine and in the office, an optimised work process and an open system that ensures future access and connection to other systems, such as FMIS, through interfaces.

FendtONE offboard complements the existing applications on the machine with practical functions. For example, Fendt Task Doc records agronomic data and output figures during fieldwork (onboard), enhanced with the job planning and management function (offboard). This means tractor and attachment data, already exported and recorded by the machine, is available instantly for reports. Farmers and contractors can use their time more efficiently and productively.

FendtONE is now available on the wheeled models of the Vario 200, 700, 900 and 1000 Series. The Fendt Vario range itself has been extended with the addition of two new models, namely the Fendt Vario 200 standard model and Fendt 200 V/F/P Vario. The range is well-known for being compact and lightweight, in addition to its maximum manoeuvrability and high performance.

The Fendt 200 Vario series includes five models, with outputs ranging from 79 hp to 124 hp. All models are available as Power, Profi and Profi+ (formerly ProfiPlus) versions. The Fendt 200 V/F/P Vario series of specialist tractors comprise five models with outer widths ranging from 1.07 m to 1.68 m.

The new FendtONE platform merges the machine and the office into one control unit

The latest generation of the Fendt 200 V/F/P Vario specialist tractor series comes with the intuitive FendtONE operating concept, making it the first specialist tractor with a fully integrated terminal. Added innovations include the demand-led DynamicPerformance power boost concept and an all-new design. The new technology on the Fendt 200 V/F/P Vario enhances precision and everyday efficiency.

Fendt Vario Guide is fitted as standard on Power+ and Profi+ machines, including a field data management feature. Run-outs can be managed from the office, whereupon the job can be sent to the machine. This means instructions such as field boundaries and track lines can be carried out by means of the Fendt Vario Guide on the tractor.

All the fields are then worked based on the same data record used across the entire fleet. Fendt TI (Teach In) Auto and the Fendt Vario Guide Contour Assistant are optional extras. The view from the driver’s cab and online, from the office or on the move is always the same. The new Comfort cabin, combined with FendtONE, benchmarks an overall concept for the operator’s workplace.

The concept is supplemented with an optional infotainment package and 4.1 sound system. Four high-end speakers and a subwoofer deliver superior sound quality in the VisioPlus cab. Enjoy playback from your smartphone via USB, AUX-IN and Bluetooth. FM/AM/DAB+/HD and two antennas with permanent channel search ensure uninterrupted radio reception. Phonecalls can be made with a quality hands-free kit. Eight microphones installed in the roof liner mean your hands are free and the acoustics are perfect.

The new driver’s workstation has a large 10 inch dashboard and armrest with multifunction joystick

Meticulously designed down to the last detail, it offers the experience of intuitive control and functionality. The new driver’s workstation includes a large 10″ dashboard, an armrest with multifunction joystick and, depending on the configuration, a 12″ terminal. With the armrest anchored to the seat, you can easily adjust any setting without much movement at all. There is also a second optional 12″ terminal that can be stowed halfway into the cab roof. The 3L joystick opens up new possibilities.

Intuitive operation and ergonomics were paramount in the development stage. The multifunction joystick with improved handrest, for example, has been equipped with added functions. The crossgate lever has been ergonomically optimised, making it easier to operate different attachments. The new joystick has a total of 16 buttons as well as two proportional buttons, of which 13 can be freely assigned.

The armrest control panel with ingenious colour guidance features all functional groups in one place, in colour-coded control panels for gearboxes, power lifts, hydraulic valves and PTOs. There are also five freely assignable buttons to customise the controls. The button allocation is set with the Individual Operation Manager (IOM) on the terminal. A clever colour concept helps the driver to quickly find their way around and avoid operator errors. The driver immediately sees whether buttons have been reallocated by the colour concept. Preset buttons can also be reprogrammed In the IOM for functions like pre-activating the steering system (On/Off), the all-round indicator lights (On/Off) and valves.

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