Fendt’s popular Ideal 8 harvester was once again a favourite in this year’s harvester challenge, which is presented annually by the Grootpan study group. It competed in the class 8 category with the Geringhoff Mais Star 12-row maize header.

“We are very excited to be here,” smiles Frans Cronjé, Regional Sales Manager of Fendt. His excitement was not in vain, because this harvester won third place in the class. Read more about the races in the article 2023-stoperresies op Grootpan: Groot, gulsige masjiene wys hulle staal on our South African website (link).

“The harvester we have entered into today’s races is our class 8 Ideal. This model has double front wheels, but it is also available with tracks,” Frans explains. “The tracks are available in widths of 762 mm (30 inches) or 914 mm (36 inches).”

 The Geringhoff 12-row maize header looks like it was made for the Ideal 8. Together it formed a formidable team at the recent harvester challenge.

The Ideal 8 strips efficiently from front to back

“At the front, the feeder has a 220 kW drive. The feed drum adjusts proportionally according to the rotor speed. This is a unique patented feature of the Fendt harvesters where the feed drum always feeds material at 70% of the rotor speed,” he says.

The rotor is still the longest on the market at 4,8 m. This ensures improved separation and more efficient threshing, because it creates an enormous threshing surface. The Ideal’s rotors have hydraulic reversal capability in the event of a blockage.

The Ideal 8 has a double helix rotor system which means there are two identical rotors on either side of the machine. This feature means that the harvester’s threshing surface covers 1,66 m2. The separation area is 2,88 m2. The double helix rotor system is available in the Ideal 8, 9, and 10. The harvester’s header drive is designed to hydraulically reverse if something gets stuck.

Frans Cronjè, Regional Sales Manager of Fendt, not only elaborated on the harvester’s operation, but also drove the harvester during the race.

Other features of the Ideal 8 harvester

The Ideal 8 is a 401 kW harvester. This giant has a 17 100-litre grain tank.

Under the hood, there is a powerful 12,4-liter MAN engine that delivers high power at lower revolutions. To ensure that the engine functions optimally, it has an AirSense® cooling unit consisting of a 950 mm reversible fan and a cooling surface of 2,7 m². Depending on the time and temperature, the fan reverses to keep the cooling unit clean as well.

Even from behind, the Ideal 8 is an impressive implement.

For more information about Fendt Ideal harvesters, please contact Frans Cronjè on 066-581-7505 or Frans.Cronje@agcocorp.com, or visit your nearest friendly, helpful dealer. Visit their website for more information.