Rough Terrain Forklift

Avant makes a multipurpose machine which can also be utilised as a rough terrain forklift. Because of its compactness, the machine can go anywhere including tight spots and small confined spaces. The lifting capacity of the Avant is such that it can almost handle its own weight in lifting capacity.

Capable in rough terrain because of its all-wheel drive hydrostatic driven transmission, it is has a drive release system and anti-slip option which enables maximum traction which in turn acts as a diff lock system on a 4 wheel drive vehicle.
This creates maximum traction on all wheels to which no rival on the South African market can compete with.

The all-round visibility on the machine makes it a much better option a then a Skid steer without the weight of a Skid steer in a related sized product.

Less weight equals less impaction on the ground such as orchards and vineyards and sensitive surfaces.

The size of the Avant machine makes it versatile that it can be used during harvest as a forklift and out of season for other tasks on the farm such as drilling holes, digging and trenching, mowing lawn and mulching to name a few.


 Compact Loader

Avant South Africa import these machines which is also referred to as mini or compact loaders because of its size. The largest machine produced by Avant is 2.5 tonnes (800 Series) and this machine can be transported on the back of a normal LDV truck or on a trailer to where you need it to work for you.

This compact loader is a world’s first designed by Avant pioneering the industry with this compact articulated loader and is available in South Africa since 2007. The articulation is what allows the machine to go into tight spots and jobs but also being able to use it on sensitive surfaces such as lawns, golf courses or paved surfaces where Skidsteers are problematic because of their drive system (tracked) that will damage these surfaces.

Avant machines score high in the weight advantage compared to the heavier Skidsteers in the same class and size.

The attachment range for the Avant Mini and Compact Loaders reaches 200 options making it an incredibly versatile machine for a variety of industries ranging from landscaping, farming, solar installers, mining and rental companies.

Mini Excavator and Digger

Another option offered by the Avant (South Africa) range is to turn your machine into an excavator or digger by adding the quick-attach backhoe to the front of the machine (not the back) which makes operating the machine much easier.

The backhoe is designed so that the operator does not have to get out the machine to operate it.
Another big plus is the excellent visibility the operator has from within the machine whilst they are digging.

There are various options of digging arms and backhoes to suit each machine and as mentioned in the Mini Loader article, the Avant machine is far better suited than tracked machines because of its size, weight, transportability and manoeuvrability. Tracked driven machines damage the surface it works on where as the Avant is tough as nail, but the surface damage is minimal.

Compact Trencher

When the Avant machine is fitted with a  trencher attachment, it becomes a very popular machine with companies here in South Africa having to lay fibre optic cables and irrigation hoses.

It is able to dig narrow trenches in hard reach places because its size and articulation. Trenches can be as small as 150 – 300 mm in width and up to 1.2metres deep.

There are dedicated high oil flow ports (hydraulic outlet) on the Avant machine to run this high flow trencher attachment.
This simple fact makes this machine a very powerful yet compact versatile trenching machine compared to the traditional trenching machines whose services are limited to trenching only.

Because of the large selection of attachments available, the Avant machine can be more than a trencher.

Digga Auger drills with high Torque

When fitted with an auger or post hole digging attachment, the Avant machine becomes the ultimate digging machine.

Fitted to the front of the machine, drilling width options range from 100mm to 900mm and depth from 1.2metres to any depth you require by simply adding on extensions to it.

Also used as a post hole driver, these attachments have their own independent planetary gearbox drive system providing high levels of torque enabling us to sell this machine and attachment in South Africa as a high-powered drilling machine with a capacity of up to 300 holes per day with ease.

Augers can also be adjusted to drill at any angle (360 degrees) including straight up thanks to adaptors that can be fitted to the auger drive.

The relative lightness of the machine combined with its articulation allows to go almost where with minimal surface damage and is another big advantage of this combination.