The needs of transport operators are the first consideration of FAW Trucks. Therefore, they provide fleet owners with a range of vehicles that minimise the total cost of operation in their respective categories. Fleet and transport operators are under massive pressure to contain operating costs as much as possible to offset the steadily increasing price of diesel fuel.

Rubtrans Logistics running strongly for 45 years

Rubtrans Logistics is owned and managed by a father and his sons. Rushil Ahir, Director of Rubtrans Logistics, tells more: “Rubtrans Logistics is a family-owned business with the second-generation adding value and new innovations. We are formerly for Ladysmith. In 1978, my parents initially started the transport business, where we transported fresh produce. From these humble beginnings, the company has grown to become the ultimate road cargo, transport and logistics solution in Southern Africa with 120 vehicles.”

He adds: “We tailor our logistics solutions around our clients’ needs ensuring their brand reputation is never at risk, and that is only possible with the best, reliable vehicles on the road.”

Rubrans Logistics’ relationship with FAW

“After I saw one of the FAW JH 6 models on the road, I made contact with FAW to find out more,” Rushil adds. “We took in the FAW trucks, and to date we have not looked back one day!”

FAW’s JH6 28.500FT fleet

Rushil says: “Before choosing the FAW JH 6, we had a look at various other models, but the test drive with the fleet of FAW’s convinced us: The JH 6 proved that horsepower and fuel economy comes hand in hand with these models. Our fleet of FAW’s have certainly showed and proven to us the best fuel efficiency.”

He adds: “From our drivers’ perspective’s, I have received only good reviews and feedback. No one wants to get off the vehicle, because of the comfort, less fatigue and the cabin space.”

Reliability and performance of FAW’s vehicles

“To date we haven’t had any issues with our FAW trucks, with +- 60 000 km’s on them. Whenever we have an enquiry, the response of the FAW team is fantastic!” he admits. Rushil explains: “The cost per kilometre to run an FAW is way less than any other vehicle on the road at the moment. In terms of the performance of the vehicles, compared to the rest of the fleet, I would say that I have about a 45% saving on tyres, fuel and time. We also do not have any downtime with our FAW fleet.

“As a transporter or logistics owner, the price per kilometre running an FAW, compared to running any other brand on the road, was better by far. We are proud to say that Rubtrans Logistics has an 99,8% delivery rate, and our fleet of FAW’s JH 6’s has certainly contributed to these statistics, due to the fuel efficiency, safety and reliability of the vehicles,” he adds.

“FAW has never let us down on the road! Therefore, we will place another order before end of November 2023 for 10 new JH 6 FAW’s, through the ELT Group,” Rushil says.

He concludes: “You are never alone on your journey with FAW – the support team from FAW is always there to support you and to keep your business running smoothly. It is an honour for us to be part of the FAW and ELT family, and they will most definitely see more business from Rubtrans Logistics in the future.”

FAW Trucks is committed to ensuring operating efficiency throughout its vehicle range and constantly compares the figures it achieves against other comparative brands to ensure they remain the best. For more information, visit FAW’s website at or visit your nearest dealer.