If you do not already know that the Mahindra XUV300 has been named one of the safest cars in Africa, now is the time to turn your ears. This exceptional achievement was announced in 2021 and has already led to numerous sales of the car.

The XUV300 is recognised as the car with the highest five-star safety rating by Global NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme). This is a project that was started to ensure the safety of cars worldwide and to assist manufacturers with improving the quality of car safety. Among all the cars for the African market, the Mahindra XUV300 SUV certainly stands out!

What is more, the XUV300 also boasts a four-star child safety rating. The safety of children as passengers is assessed separately. This involves a test that looks at the restraint system (belts and anchorage points) in the vehicle when the vehicle experiences a head-on or side collision. Then the model’s ability to accommodate different car seats of various sizes is also looked at. Mahindra calls it ISOFIX car seat mounts. Finally, the test looks at the provision that the vehicle as a whole makes for the safe transport of children.

Mahindra is committed to safety

The Indian manufacturer has proven that they are committed to providing quality vehicles that promote safety. The Mahindra XUV300 showed the best results against competitors when it comes to the side impact of a collision. With these results, a new benchmark has been set for vehicles in the South African, but also African market.

According to Rajesh Gupta, the CEO of Mahindra South Africa, the five-star rating from the Global NCAP is the highest form of recognition of safety that the model can receive. “When the vehicle’s passive safety is considered together with its performance, excellent drivability, and dynamic steering prowess, it is clearly the perfect SUV for South African families.

“On top of that, we also offer unmatched value in terms of style, performance and accessories.”

What makes the Mahindra XUV300 safe?

The main safety features of the XUV300 are the seven airbags, including knee airbags that protect the driver’s knees during a head-on collision. The other airbags are double airbags in the front of the vehicle, side airbags and curtain airbags that protect occupants from glass fragments from the windows.

Furthermore, there are disc brakes on each of the four wheels, sensors in the front to help with parking, as well as special rear-view mirrors that improve the driver’s line of sight.

The car has a built-in electronic stabilisation program that includes the Dynamic Steering Torque feature.

For the driver’s convenience, there is technology that ensures that the car does not roll back, and it assists with pulling away on slopes. Temperature and pressure sensors on the tires ensure that you also always have the right air pressure in the tires. The air brakes have electronic brake force distribution.

Front and rear fog lights also make driving in dangerous weather conditions safer.

And do not forget the seat belt warning…

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