New growth is bursting out all over the country now that the winter rest is over. The picky local and export markets are already eagerly awaiting the tasty, tender fruits produced by South Africa’s fruit and grape farmers – ranging from table grapes, apples, oranges, plumbs, and peaches, to many more.

Our fruit farmers produce a large variety of healthy fruits of the best quality every year, and this is also a big reason why half of our agricul­tural exports are fruit.

However, like all good things, fruit production does not happen by itself. It costs a lot of money to establish or­chards or vineyards, and it takes a long time before the first decent harvest can be gathered. After that, pests and other challenges increase production costs, so that only a farmer with grit can finally reap the fruits of his labour.

Fortunately, the farmer has a good friend supporting him with one pur­chase that he cannot make a mistake with – John Deere’s good green trac­tors that he can count on through thick and thin for establishing new orchards or vineyards, the maintenance of exist­ing ones … and of course for hauling in the harvest.

John Deere’s value does not lie in its name or the colour of its paint, but in what the tractor or implement does for you, the service you receive and the availability of spare parts.

John Deere offers the fruit market a range of tractors that not only do the job quickly and exemplary, but also offers a comprehensive value solution that fully justifies the investment you make with your purchase. Quality and durability are synonymous with the John Deere 5D and 5E series tractors, which are fully manufactured in the same John Deere factory, and exported to 110 countries worldwide.

The small and compact 5EN tractor makes spraying in vineyards and orchards easy.

 5D series

There are three models in the John Deere 5D series tractors: the 5039D (29 kW), the 5045D (34 kW) and the 5050D (37 kW). They are all equipped as standard with an 8F / 4R CollarShift (CS) gearbox.

This compact tractor is excellent for use with orchard sprayers, thanks to their easy handling and agility in confined spaces, their formidable lift capacity of 1 400 kg and their 540 / 540E PTO’s.

5E Series

The 5E series also offers three models; the 5055E (41 kW), the 6065E (49 kW) and the 5075E (56 kW), all equipped with the popular John Deere 3-cylinder 2,9-litre turbodiesel engine. The 5075E is available as open station as well as cabin models.

The farmer also has the choice of a 9F / 3R SyncroShuttle (TSS) or 12F / 12R PowerReverser (PR) gearbox for his 5E tractor. The tractors are equipped as standard with a Category II three-point lift that easily lifts

1 800 kg, as well as a 540 / 540E PTO and hydraulic remote-control valve. These tractors are extremely suitable for efficient use in orchards with suit­able tools such as a plough, field hoe, planter, sprayer, and trailer.

The additional 37% torque reserve of the 5E enables the tractor to comfor-tably manage the increased loads that normally occurs during tillage. In addi­tion to increased productivity, the net effect is also improved fuel consump­tion during tillage.

5EN and 5EF

The John Deere 5EN and 5EF series tractors are speciality tractors specifi­cally designed to work comfortably in vineyard and orchard applications, with a minimum width adjustment of 1,32 m to the outside of the rear tires. The 5EN series tractors offers two models, namely the 5076EN (56 kW) and 5090EN (67 kW); and the 5EF one model, namely the 5076EF.

All these models are equipped with John Deere 4-cylinder 4,5-litre turbo-diesel engines. This 4,5-litre engine with its proven reliability is found in John Deere tractors of up to 135 kW and offers complete peace of mind in terms of performance, fuel efficiency, quality, and durability.

Invest in the future – invest in John Deere.