Peake Equipment is one of South Africa’s leaders in self-propelled sprayers built in South Africa for South African conditions.

The sprayer is affordable, efficient and perfect for precision farming. Peake builds the sprayer to the farmer’s specifications.

Adriaan Kleyn from Kleynfaan Farming farms at Hluhluwe with pineapples. He has a Peake Equipment STS (single tank sprayer) 1000 for his pineapples.

The sprayer is based on the STS 1000 Peake sprayer and is adapted to Adriaan’s needs.

“I use the machine for all types of sprays – chemical and fertiliser – on my crops,” he says.

There are two models in the STS series; the STS-XT and the STS-5000.

The STS-XT is powered by a Cummins BTA6 turbocharged engine that produces 149 kW.

The sprayer is continuously driven by all four wheels, but can also easily switch to a higher gear for road transport.

The STS-5000 has the same features, except that the model is powered by a Cummins QSB turbocharged engine, which produces 205 kW of power.

The STS-XT can be equipped with a stainless steel tank from 1 500 litres to 3 000 litres depending on the farmer’s needs.

His bigger brother, the STS-5000 has a stainless steel tank of 5 000 litres.

One of the machines biggest advantages is its TeeJet spraying control equipment.

This ensures more accurate spraying. The sprayer also has customisable spray control options and GPS functions.

Adriaan gives the sprayer’s advantages:

  • The Peake spray boom is at the front of the machine – it works better.
  • We also spray liquid fertiliser through the sprayer.
  • The sprayer is easy to maintain.
  • The sprayer does double the hectares compared to the traditional type of sprayer that we use on pineapples.

Adriaan is also very satisfied with Peake’s service.

Special facts on the machine:

  • Galvanized chassis
  • 4 wheel drive
  • Ground clearance 1,7 m
  • Track width adjustable from 3,3 m to 3,8 m
  • 2 000 ℓ stainless steel tank with 20 m boom
  • This adaptation is further improved by the adjustable boom lengths and sprayer spacings, which enable farmers to target specific areas in their crops with precisely the right quantity of chemicals..
  • Improve the farmer’s efficiency and productivity
  • Functional, robust and cost-efficient
  • Minimal damage to crops
  • Works good in all soil conditions

To find out more about the Peake sprayer, contact Peake at or visit their website at