At the big red stand in the centre of NAMPO park this year, were numerous highlights, new launches and quite a few attractions displayed by Case IH’s.

Case IH is firmly anchored in agriculture, and this was once again confirmed this year at NAMPO. A highlight for the Case IH team was the introduction of their new, versatile Optum CVX 270 / 300 tractor.

More about the latest Optum tractor at Case IH’s stand

Case IH’s new Optum is definitely the versatile tractor that any farmer needs on his farm. Whether you need to cultivate, spread or spray fields, this tractor is synonymous with successful farming! This tractor series falls between the Magnum and Puma series and is available in 270 and 300 models. The Optum has a 6,7 ℓ FPT six-cylinder engine and delivers 202 to 225 kW.

The Optum CVX 270 / 300 is manufactured in Case IH’s factory in Austria and now on South African soil this tractor promises to become very popular amongst our farmers.

Alexey Savinov, Product Marketing Manager of high horsepower tractors CNH MEA & CIS all the way from Austria, says: “I am very excited about the launch of this tractor. This is the very first tractor that we have introduced, from the heart of Europe to South Africa. These tractors are manufactured in Austria with European farmers and contractors in mind, but the range is popular worldwide.”

Bertus Barkhuizen, Product Specialist at Case IH and Alexey Savinov, Product Marketing Manager of high horsepower tractors CNH MEA & CIS all the way from Austria at NAMPO.

Alexey highlights three of the most important features of the Optum:

  1. Excellent power-to-weight ratio
  2. CVX continuous variable power transmission
  3. Digital infrastructure

He believes: “Inside the cab, it is noticeable how quiet the tractor is. It is one of the quietest tractors on the market because of its phase five engine.”

Bertus Barkhuizen, Product Specialist at Case IH, says: “The new Optum is propelled by the Case IH CVX continuously variable transmission and delivers the exact speed at the right time, which improves fuel efficiency in order to save on input costs.”

Bertus also highlights the tractor’s excellent power-to-weight ratio: “The tractor is strong, yet lighter. It is equipped with double wheels, which means that the weight of the tractor is more evenly distributed and that the tractor has better traction. The wheel width can be adjusted according to the farmer’s needs.

“One of the tractor’s most important features is also that it contains the same digital infrastructure as the Magnum series,” adds Bertus.

This tractor is definitely a valuable asset for any farmer.

For more information about the Optum or about Case IH’s other tractors and equipment, visit their website at