When it comes to braking, Sintech has the answer. They are a preferred supplier of Svendborg hydraulic brakes and power units, thruster brakes, soft braking controls and couplings in South Africa.

Powerful brakes

Since 1989, Svendborg Brakes has been recognised as a leading global expert in intelligent braking solutions for industrial applications. Extensive application knowledge, innovative design, fast prototyping and exhaustive testing ensures that customers get the most technically advanced, most durable and safest braking systems to meet their specific requirements.

Svendborg offers a wide range of highly engineered products including hydraulic brakes and power units, thruster brakes, soft braking controls and couplings. Svendborg braking solutions are hard at work in key markets including, renewable energy, mining, hydropower, cranes and oil and gas, marine and offshore applications such as wind and tidal turbines, overland conveyors, propulsion systems, deck equipment, hoists, draw works, elevators and escalators and dam turbines.

Sintech have been an Altra approved rebuild centre for Industrial Clutch Brakes since 2000 and are an experienced brake partner for both the mining and industrial markets.

What is new

Recently Sintech added the Svendborg Control System for Event Fans to their product offering.

This innovative system features an active brake caliper, hydraulic pack, and control box, all of which work together seamlessly to provide reliable and efficient braking performance.

One of the key features of this system is the control box, which boasts a built-in UPS and timer combination setup. This allows for customizable timer settings, ranging from 1 to 30 minutes, to suit the specific needs of our customers.

When the system is energized, the caliper disengages from the brake disc and remains open during operation. In the event of a power failure or dip, the UPS and timer will ensure that the brake system remains disengaged until the timer activates the hydraulic pack to engage the brakes with the set pressure from the accumulator. This means that unforeseen power failures will not affect the system’s brake activation sequence, preventing any unnecessary brake engagement or damage to the caliper.

Watch the demonstration video here

Who is Sintech?

Since 1984 Sintech has supplied the South African market with clutches, brakes and engineering solutions for a range of applications in mining and mining-related industries. Sintech supplies services and products for the mining process itself as well as for the processing of mined products.

Sintech’s unique experience ensures consultation from the initial design phase through to project completion. Sintech supplied products are market leaders in their respective fields and are all supplied from international corporations that provide world-class design, product support and cutting-edge technology.

Sintech employs 60+ people across its two facilities in Johannesburg and Durban. Both facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified and fall under the Generic codes for B-BBEE Level 1. They pride themselves on offering excellent customer service and unique services, including:

  • Service Exchange Units,
  • New Units and Stock Control,
  • On-site testing and monitoring,
  • Design and Consultancy
  • Equipment upgrades.

Once a customer’s support program is in place, service exchange clutches and brakes are available for immediate replacement, ensuring zero or minimal production or operational downtime. All units are rebuilt to original equipment specifications and carry a full factory warranty.

Sintech has an extensive stockholding of new clutches and brakes, used for specification onto new applications or to replace units that are beyond economical repair and offers on-site control of customers’ stock, to optimise cost and availability. This service is available for new clutches and brakes, as well as for supporting spare parts.

Factory-trained service technicians and service vehicles are available 24/7 to provide product support and regular clutch or brake condition monitoring and preventive maintenance is part of Sintech’s program to ensure minimal downtime for customers.

Since its inception in 1984, Sintech, in conjunction with its overseas principals, has been responsible for the design and specification of a range of clutch, brake and drive-system installations for both earthmoving and mining applications. Whether to improve efficiency or health and safety, Sintech and its overseas principals can recommend a path for customers to upgrade to the latest international standards.

To learn more about the Services and Products Sintech offer, or learn about their state-of-the-art braking systems, visit their website www.sintech.co.za or take a take a walk through their workshop from receiving, cleaning, and testing, through to assembly and repackaging.