Bridging the gap between equipment, education, and employment

John Deere AME’s Construction, Mining and Quarrying Division has announced its focus on investing in industry-standard training programmes for operators. Operator training is essential when machinery of this calibre is sold, and John Deere understands it, thus the immense focus John Deere AME is placing on developing this asset. This programme aims to provide trainees with the necessary tools and education to become trainers in the industry.

Though still in the early stages, John Deere trusts this will be a testament to its dedication to the industry, servicing its customers, and providing opportunities to those who might not have them otherwise.

Having entered the African market in 2021, John Deere Construction has already demonstrated its commitment to keep growing and achieving more for its equipment, customers, employees, dealer network, and the difference it wishes to make across the continent.

The John Deere Construction Journey

The Yellow John Deere Equipment range is known throughout the industry for its exceptional quality and reliability, making it the go-to choice for companies in construction, mining, quarrying, and related industries.

From the beginning, John Deere Construction has been serious about growth and providing its customers with the best equipment and an even better customer experience.

Expanding the John Deere Construction brand into Africa

Announced in March 2021, John Deere Construction entered the African Market by introducing its construction line-up to eighteen countries across Southern and Western Africa, where Deere-branded construction products were previously unavailable. Press release, March 2021

Additional John Deere Construction models touched African soil for the first time

In September 2021, John Deere Construction made its first step toward expansion by introducing nine additional machines to the line-up of the already existing 17. Press release, September 2021

Advancing further with advanced technology

Not only does John Deere offer advanced machines, but they also offer tools that assist customers to better manage their fleet and improve productivity through hard data.

JDLink™ is a free subscription-based John Deere telematics system that allows owners and managers to remotely connect to their machinery to help monitor and track operations and productivity. It allows customers to track their machines in real-time, giving them access to vital information such as machine location, fuel consumption, and machine health.

It allows for machine monitoring such as performance, and identifies any issues before they become major problems, helping them keep their machines running at peak performance and minimising downtime. It allows customers to manage their fleets more efficiently as well, schedule maintenance and repairs from the app, ensuring their machines are always in top condition.

John Deere Financial extends portfolio offering

In March 2022 John Deere Financial has announced that they have extended their portfolio offerings to include the John Deere Construction, Mining and Quarrying machines to the portfolio.

Press release, March 2022

Growing bigger and better

In July 2022, John Deere AME launched their 460E-II Articulated Dump Truck, the first one to touch Southern African soil, and it was on display for customers to see and touch Press release, July 2022

Investing in our people

Now, John Deere is taking their commitment further with the development of their new programme, providing operator training to the industry to passionate members of local communities that might need direction in creating a path for them to build a career.

Working with expert trainer, Paul Sethusa, who has over 29 years of experience in the industry, John Deere, in partnership with their dedicated dealer network, provides a free six-month programme that bridges the gap between school and the work market. The programme provides theoretical and in-field training, followed by on-the-job experience with a dedicated John Deere dealer.

John Deere is committed to the industry and will continue to grow, invest, and build Africa.

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