The popular John Deere Implements (JDI) exhibition was once again a major highlight at NAMPO Cape this year. JDI is the oldest John Deere agent in the country, founded in 1960. They distribute a wide range of products and services to make the farmer’s life easier and more profitable.

History and background of JD Implements

Emilius Tomlinson is the Managing Director of JDI (JD Implements). His great-grandfather started trading as DM To9omlinson & Co in 1896. This business was established at the time to sell Massey tractors and agricultural equipment to farmers in the Overberg area.

JDI was officially established in Swellendam in 1960 under the leadership of Emilius’ father and uncle. The resulting John Deere agency has been in operation for the past 65 years, and is the oldest John Deere agency in South Africa, something the Tomlinson family is very proud of.

By 1994 the Swellendam workshops had grown to such an extent that new buildings had to be erected and the business expanded to the neighbouring town of Bredasdorp. Ten years later, in 2004, John Deere South Africa approached Emilius regarding the extension of the JDI branches to the Eastern Cape.

Emilius Tomlinson’s two sons, Emile and Jason, are also an integral part of the JDI business. The eldest, Emile, joined the business in 2010 and youngest son, Jason, joined his father and brother in 2012.

Jason Tomlinson, Operations Manager of JDI, says: “It is really a privilege for our two brothers to run the business with my dad and to be able to continue what they have started. My dad raised us green, and it is a privilege for us to be able to work together in a business as a family. We have branches in the Southern and Eastern Cape that stretch from Cradock to Bredasdorp. Our mission is to provide products to the agricultural sector and to our farmers in a sustainable manner, whilst introducing them to the latest agricultural technology on the market.”

Barend van Heerden, Area Manager of John Deere for the Western and Eastern Cape, says: “We are proud of JDI, our dealer for the Western and Eastern Cape, who gives us excellent service in this area, and keeps customers happy and contented.”

Highlights at NAMPO Cape

“We are proud to introduce our 2680 H high speed disc, as well as our 540 M backhoe to farmers at NAMPO Cape. We also introduced farmers in this part of the country to GUSS (Global Unmanned Spray System), which is making its first appearance in the Western Cape.”

John Deere also introduced their yellow machines to farmers of the region for the first time at NAMPO Cape.

Barend concludes: “It is nice to be involved with NAMPO Cape again, where the grain looks so good this year, and where we can see that the farmers in the area are positive and optimistic about the harvests this year. We are here to celebrate it with you and make a difference where we can.”

For more information, contact JDI at (+27)28-514-2700 or e-mail, and also visit their website at for more information.