Harvesting runs smoothly at JGP Boerdery at Delmas and Hardu Prinsloo’s four AgriCAD chaser bins play no modest role in the process. Nothing ever has to wait because the AgriCAD chaser bins transport the grain quickly and easily from the field and transfer it to the trucks. No wonder Hardu has already placed an order for two more of these excellent chaser bins to make his harvest season run even smoother.

Hardu started farming here in the nineties with maize  soya beans, potatoes and commercial livestock.

AgriCAD is known for innovative technology, quality and service, and their chaser bin range is one of their biggest success stories. With groundbreaking technology they ensure that they cater to every farmer’s needs.

The company’s factory is in Pretoria, and their competent workforce of 50 people manufactures their own products for export to fourteen African countries.

A chaser bin for every farmer and every farm

The first chaser bins Hardy acquired hold 24 000 litres, but as production increased, the size of the chaser bins also had to increase. Today he owns two 24 000 ℓ and two 34 000 ℓ chaser bins.

“We had a need for larger chaser bins and there was not a large variety available in South Africa because the combines and our capacity kept on increasing, we progressed to the AgriCAD TF34C, which is a lovely product,” Hardu says.

Ruan Jonas, AgriCAD’s Marketing and International Sales Representative, says these chaser bins come in five sizes.

  • The TF16 C of 16 000 ℓ or 13 tonnes
  • The TF24C of 24 000 ℓ or 20 tonnes
  • The TF27C of 27 000 ℓ or 22 tonnes
  • The TF34C of 34 000 ℓ or 28 tonnes
  • The TF38C of 38 000 ℓ or 31 tonnes

Well-balanced chaser bins

Ruan explains that the high flotation tyres with which their chaser bins are equipped easily carry the load, even when moving over contours where one of the tyres might carry more weight than the other. These tyres also do not compact the ground.

  • The TF24C has 710 mm tyres
  • The TF27C has 800 mm tyres
  • The TF34C has 850 mm tyres
  • The TF38C has 900 mm tyres

One of the biggest advantages of the AgriCAD chaser bins is that they are perfectly balanced The chaser bin carries the load and not the towbar: “When the 34 000 litre chaser bin is full, it only places 3,5 tonnes on the tractor’s towbar because the axle is positioned to carry the load,” explains Ruan.

Hardu says they have had trouble with many different chaser bins over the years because they were too heavy for the tractor’s towbar.

“When you work with a full load, the weight an unbalanced chaser bin places on your towbar is enormous; it can even break your towbar. A chaser bin like this also does not move comfortably through your field and will get stuck quicker. Because AgriCAD’s chaser bins are so well balanced, they sometimes pull through mud that you can’t even walk in,” says Hardu.

Even though Hardu uses larger tractors these chaser bins only need 200 kW to be drawn comfortably through the field.

Ruan Jonas, AgriCAD Marketing and International Sales Representative, with Hardu Prinsloo from JGP Boerdery at Delmas.

Keep an eye on your harvest

One of the biggest advantages for Hardu is the fact that you can install a scale in your chaser bin and a printer in your tractor. This system weighs the load received by the chaser bin and transferred to the truck. This way operators can sign for the harvest they offloaded, and theft can be minimalised.

“Everything costs money, but I can say with certainty these chaser bins are fully worth their money,” Hardu says.

Because Hardu’s chaser bins are still new they did not need much maintenance, but he says that he had to do very little maintenance on the TF24C chaser bins he bought first.

These chaser bins are manufactured locally and are designed to be disassembled to fit into crates for export to other countries.

The chaser bin’s unique auger is designed to limit wear and tear and ensure longer use. The chaser bin itself also has a modular built to make replacing a damaged panel easier.

Every part of the chaser bin is marked with microdot-technology. If something is stolen and recovered, AgriCAD has a special device that can check the serial number of the part and know who it belongs to.

“We are fully satisfied with AgriCAD’s implements,” Hardu says. “We have been using several of their products for a number or years now. The replacement parts you need for the chaser bins can be bought anywhere. You do not have to search far to look for the perfect part. And most important is their service. There are many competent implements in the country, but not many companies that provide great service as well, and essentially good service is the most important. I believe I can recommend anything if it is accompanied with good service.”

To find out more about the products AgriCAD has on offer you ay visit their website at www.agricad.co.za