Golden opportunities were opened for farmers when, in June 2021, Tata Zambia and John Deere partnered and expanded their footprint within the Zambian community to support a fast-growing agricultural and construction market.

“We are committed to providing our services in Africa and the Middle East, allowing customers continued access to agricultural solutions, as well as new construction solutions from John Deere,” says Cobus du Toit, Business Head for agricultural and construction equipment at Tata Zambia.

Cobus adds: “The past year we have seen exceptional growth and we are excited for what the future holds for us at John Deere while we plan to expand our footprint even wider in Zambia as well as the rest of Africa.”

John Deere’s exceptional service

“We understand what our communities need and only supply equipment created and designed for African conditions. We always put our farmers first. It is important for us to build a trusted relationship with the farmers. We know the importance of time on a farm; therefore, we want to limit downtime to the minimum by ensuring that we always have enough parts available and reassuring the farmers that we are only a phone call away,” says Cobus.

“Our wide network of platforms also ensures that farmers can easily get access to our branches and technicians. We have an exceptional team of technicians ready to assist farmers with their specific needs. We currently have four branches based in Lusaka, Kitwe, Mpongwe and Mkushi,” Cobus says.

The John Deere Zambia team.


In Zambia you will find John Deere’s 5E Series Tractors from the north to the south. Once you have seen it on your neighbour’s farm, faithfully working year after year, you will decide to get one on your farm.

Cobus explains his opinion on the reason why John Deere 5E Series Tractors are so popular: “John Deere’s utility tractors are built to give you the best performance while saving you money on fuel and maintenance. These tractors are designed to perform in the harshest conditions; John Deere tractors always show up ready to handle any task you give them.

John Deere: Ready for any job on the farm!

“The 5E tractors are built to work longer and smarter, they are designed to provide a low cost of ownership through reduced fuel consumption and less maintenance costs compared to others in their class.

“We ensure that there is at least one or two 5E Series tractors available at each branch. Once you have seen it, you will not be able to say no. Every farmer needs a 5E workhorse tractor on his farm,” Cobus concludes.

Wide range offering

“Not only are the 5E tractors a hit in Zambia, we have recently introduced the 5D series tractors to the market, They are also doing exceptionally well, especially amongst the new-era farmers. Our 6B, 6M and 8R tractors are also becoming very popular.

John Deere’s 5E tractors: Your ultimate workhorse.

“Not only do we provide top class agricultural equipment, but also construction equipment for all segments of the industry, from TLBs to bulldozers, from small excavators to large ADTs, our machines work hard to help you succeed,” states Cobus.

Financing options

Customers wishing to finance either agricultural or construction equipment can reach out to John Deere Financial for tailor-made financial solutions for purchasing John Deere products. John Deere’s goal is to provide superior customer care and quality products. They are always ready to handle any task. John Deere’s utility tractors, machinery and equipment are just what you need for a job well done.

For more information, visit their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile, or send an e-mail to Contact them on (+26)076-217-2412, or visit them at Plot 26593, Kafue Road.