John Deere’s exhibition at NAMPO 2022 was once again something to see, from a tractor hanging upside down to the introduction of the gigantic X9 combine harvester. John Deere construction equipment, which is now supplied and supported nationwide by John Deere agents and dealers, also appeared at NAMPO for the very first time this year.

John Deere’s goal is to look after the farmer and his business.

Jaco Beyers, Managing Director of John Deere in Africa and the Middle East, says: “With all the challenges and rising input costs today, it is import ant for us to listen and care for the needs of the farmer. What is it that the farmer needs, and what can we offer to farmers? We are constantly looking for new innovative methods and ways to make farming more convenient.”

“When we started planning for NAMPO in October 2021, our aim was to turn NAMPO on its head; then the idea was born to turn a tractor literally on its head. We want to assure farmers that even if your tractor is on its head, our qualified John Deere technicians can still look after it,” says Lucas Groenewald, Sales Manager for John Deere South Africa.

Jaco Beyers, Managing Director of John Deere Africa and the Middle East, aims to give farmers exactly what they need.

“At John Deere, we run, so that you, our famers, can leap forward.”

The biggest John Deere combine harvester on the continent

John Deere harvesters have made deep footprints in South African agriculture in recent decades. During the 54th NAMPO harvest day this year, John Deere introduced the gigantic and impressive X9 1100 combine harvester.

Janalize van Buuren, Director of John Deere After-sales and Customer Service.

“Since 2016, a team of more than 100 engineers and specialists has been working on the design of this combine harvester. This giant harvester can harvest up to 200 tonnes of maize per hour and 100 tonnes of soft grains per hour. The harvester has a 13,6 litre engine and the grain tank’s volume is 16 200 litres. The diesel tank of the combine is 1 250 litres in size,” says Jan Kühn, Product Specialist at John Deere.

The gigantic John Deere X9 combine from the front.

Farmers can now buy their John Deere parts online

From a mechanisation point of view, John Deere is committed to constantly identify and apply strategies to ensure that they achieve their desired goal of giving John Deere clients and farmers an advantage.

Jan Kühn, John Deere Product Specialist from Zweibrücken, Germany, with the enormous X9 harvester.

“With the challenges faced over the past two years, many alternative plans have been put in place to continue to support and assist our farmers. One of them includes our online parts buying platform, which allows farmers to order parts online, 24 hours a day, whether it may be original John Deere parts or alternative John Deere approved parts for older models. One of the big reasons for this is because we all know that is where everything is moving and its convenience for the farmers. Go online, click and order, and we deliver the parts to the farmer’s doorstep,” says Janalize van Buuren, Director of Customer and After-sales Service for Africa, the Middle East, India, and the Pacific area.

The upside-down tractor at the John Dere exhibition during NAMPO attracted everyone’s attention.

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