If you have ever been ready to get to work in your fields, only to find your equipment was not working, then you know the importance of reliability.  

Farming consists mainly of time-critical tasks — you have to be ready to go when the time is right, whether it is tilling the soil when the conditions are favourable, planting your crops within the limited window, spraying weeds and pests before they ruin your crop, and harvesting while the moisture content is just right.

If you miss your window of opportunity and have to wait another two weeks because of the weather, it could cost you in yield, and ultimately hurt your bottom line.  Jan Keyser, farmer in the northern parts of Namibia, ultimately believes in the reliability of his farming equipment. Jan farms approximately 450 km north of Windhoek and 20 km north of Tsumeb.  Jan’s father bought the farm, Huebus-ost, in 1985. In 2012 Jan took over from his father. Today the farm is better known as Keyser Boerdery. They mainly plant crops under irrigation: potatoes, carrots, onions, maize, and citrus.

Jan Keyser with his eldest son, De Waal, with their John Deere 6155 tractor.

“The reason why we initially bought the farm was its agricultural potential. Over the years the farm has developed extensively. We have expanded a lot with our irrigation systems on the farm, since our rainfall is quite challenging in Namibia. To date we have 150 ha of crops under irrigation and 32 ha under citrus. We pack, market, and distribute the fresh produce to the northern parts of Namibia and Windhoek. We have also expanded our citrus operation, and recently we have set up the first ever citrus packhouse in Namibia, with our eye on expanding to enter the export market.

“My wife, Juanita, and eldest son, De Waal, are my right hands on the farm, while my other two sons, Bothma and Arend, are still pursuing their professional careers. It is such an honour to know that one day I can leave something behind, a legacy and something that my sons can take ownership of,” says Jan.

Jan has thirty permanent workers on the farm and makes use of seasonal workers from the area from time to time.

“Our farming operation can of course not operate effectively without the right and reliable equipment,” Jan explains.

“That is exactly why John Deere is still my number one choice. Reliability, good quality products, value for money, prompt service, and minimal downtime. Their equipment makes farming much easier for me.”

Jan’s fleet consists of seven John Deere tractors, ranging from 55 to 110 kW. He bought his first 6430 John Deere tractor in 2012. This tractor is still working like the first day of its arrival on the farm, and still looks brand new.

“The 6430 tractor was exactly what I needed for my farming operation at that stage,” says Jan. He also has a 5725 high-crop model which works ideally for the crops that he grows. “This tractor is very handy, especially with spraying of row crops and the planting of potatoes and onions. I also have a 6105 and a normal 5725 model, which is a very handy all-rounder tractor for everyday work on the farm. Then I also have a 5090, 6155, and the most recent addition to my fleet is the 5076.” Jan also has a John Deere baler.

“One of the core aspects of my farming activities is to look after what I have, and to take care of the farm and equipment. Neatness is very important to me,” Jan adds.

“Every Friday the tractors get a wash, and I firmly believe when you look after your equipment, it will look after you in return. Neatness doesn’t cost you money.”

Jan adds: “The reason why I decided on John Deere is because of the good network that they have in Namibia.”

Jan’s fleet of John Deere tractors ensures effective and efficient land preparation for the next planting season.

Hoffmans, the nearest John Deere dealership to Jan, is located in Otjiwarongo, approximately 220 km away. “I have been working for many years with Hoffmans. They supply all the parts and service all my tractors. The client service and support that I get from them is phenomenal. I don’t have to give them praise unnecessarily, but they really mean a lot to me.

“I take good care of my equipment, but normal problems can occur, and whenever they do, downtime is minimal. Since I have been a client of John Deere, no tractor has been out of order for more than a week. I am very thankful and satisfied with my choice since day one.”

Make the right choice today. Contact or visit your nearest dealer today to discuss the various options offered by John Deere. Farm more productively, efficiently, and comfortably with John Deere.