At John Deere there is no time for sitting back and being idle. John Deere’s smart people are constantly identifying and implementing strategies to ensure that John Deere customers get the professional edge putting them in a winning position.

Today, in 2022, no one is unfamiliar with the world-famous agricultural equipment manufacturer, John Deere … and no one speaks about the green stalwarts without the necessary respect.

Pieter Pienaar, Tactical Marketing Planner at John Deere, says: “Technology is the key that can move agriculture forward to increase yields and decrease costs, but we can only do this if technology, people, equipment, data, and insights are connected for delivering better results. These connections offer opportunities to apply sustainable farming practices.”

Add value to your livestock and orchard with smaller tractors

Every farmer, whether he farms with livestock, grain, or grapes, has different needs. It is of the utmost importance for John Deere to understand and meet the needs of each farmer, in each section of the value chain.

“Over the past year, we have become deeply involved in production systems and also recently attended SAMAC and Veeskool’s (Livestock School) farmers’ days. These farmers’ days are specifically focused on sharing information with macadamia and livestock farmers,” says Pieter.

John Deere’s involvement with Veeskool

Pieter adds: “At Veeskool, we discussed John Deere’s role in livestock farming, which is really important for us to move closer to the farmer.

Cattle farmers at the famers’ day spoke highly of the adaptability, affordability, and productivity of John Deere’s 6B tractors.

“When I think back to what farmers at Veeskool said, specifically about our 6B and its suitability for the livestock industry, it becomes clear that livestock farmers do not always make use of all the technology of the tractor, but they still want the reliability of this rugged tractor that lasts for years and completes the tasks easily,” Pieter adds.

This ties in yet again with value for money. Pieter elaborates on the advantages of John Deere engines: “We manufacture the engines of our tractors ourselves. Their extended life can be contributed to the advanced mechanical technology available only on John Deere PowerTech engines.

Along with this, John Deere offers longer service intervals. Instead of required services every 250 hours, John Deere tractors are serviced every 500 hours. This means time and cost savings for the farmer!”

John Deere’s involvement with SAMAC

John Deere also offers a range of tractors that are specifically designed and built to meet the challenges that an orchard, a vineyard, or a nursery presents to farmers. As John Deere moves closer to the farmers, their experts set a course for future solutions.

“Deere & Co recently invested in GUSS Automation, a company focused on bringing precision solutions to the market. This will give the farmer the opportunity to accurately apply fertilisers and treatments exactly where needed,” says Pieter.

Farmers can rest assured knowing that there is enough power available for even the most difficult tasks.

Pieter says: “A farmer at SAMAC’s farmers’ day told me and it will always stay with me; a farmer buys a John Deere that retires with him on his farm.”

“SAMAC was a wonderful opportunity for us to be part of such a professional organisation, not only to serve as a sponsor, but to share the necessary knowledge with macadamia farmers enabling them to move forward and make more informed decisions,” says Pieter.

“John Deere is here for the long run, so we want to make sure that the farmer is also here for the long run by being sustainable from generation to generation,” he concludes.

John Deere Financial also has customised solutions for unique requirements. Whether it is big or small, they efficiently support you in the best financing solution.

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In addition to cost efficiency, a farmer wants to buy a tractor that can easily complete the necessary work on the farm. Here, too, John Deere offers attractive options.

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