Across the agri value chain, one thing is true: The right tool for the job gets the work done right! Some tools such as pallet trucks, forklifts, order pickers or reach trucks are just bigger than others. That often means a bigger price tag too. But no fear, because Jungheinrich’s used machines and machine hire is here!

Thanks to this brand’s foresight, Jungheinrich brings their clients German engineering in an end-to-end solution that can suit any pocket.

“We understand that a new machine is an investment that doesn’t always work for our customers’ businesses,” says Daniel Gwini, Used Equipment and Short-Term Rental Manager at Jungheinrich. “Many clients such as the farming community has seasonal needs. This means that they do not require the same size fleet all year round. We offer flexibility with our rental options.

“Some might also require a full-time machine, but a brand-new unit may not fit into their operation. For those individuals we offer 1-, 3- and 5-star refurbished machines.”

Short term rental solutions for when a new forklift fleet is too much

If Jungheinrich has it, you can rent it! The wide variety of pallet trucks,  forklifts, ride-on pallet trucks, stackers, and reach trucks are numerous … “Our machines are available as electric powered units and to a lesser extent, internal combustion.,” Daniel explains. “Our stackers vary from 2 to 4,5 metres, our reach trucks are available  from as low as 6 metres up to 13-metre models, and our normal forklifts can lift up to 4.8  metres with and can handle from 1 to 5 tonnes depending on the model.”

All machines are counter-balanced with the weight of the batteries, giving the best of both power and balance.

He explains that the short-term rentals mean solving the need for additional capacity without committing to the input cost and maintenance of additional units. “For unexpected deliveries, increased output, or flash demand, our clients welcome it the ease of acquiring short term rentals. They appreciate that they can rent a single unit for as little as a day when necessary.”

Anyone can rent as many units as their business requires for anywhere from a day to a year in short term rental. There are, however, a few requirements that a potential renter needs to adhere to. Firstly, you will need to provide proof of business, comply with a site check and offer evidence of licensed drivers. A standard credit check will also be conducted.

Refurbished pallet trucks and stackers that are as good as new

Small or medium businesses might not have the same size wallet as a large corporation, but that doesn’t have to mean they can’t have quality forklifts and moving equipment.

Refurbished units mean that second-life (or sometimes even third-life) units are not resold as is. They undergo a service and inspection process to ensure that all parts are working, and broken or worn parts are replaced.

“Our 5-star refurbished machines are stripped down by an accredited refurbisher who rebuilds and repaints the entire unit. They receive new batteries, and chargers. These models have a 12-month guarantee.

“The 3-star machines are refurbished in-house by servicing the transmission and motor and recoating the surface paint. When choosing one of these models, you will have a 6-month guarantee on it.

“Lastly, our 1-star machines are inspected to ensure they are working with a minimum load test pass, and cosmetically still good.

All these processes also include a standard safety check.

Daniel explains that the choice of machine will, in part, fall on the customer’s decision, but their expert team assists customers with the buying process to ensure that you find the unit that will work for your business.

“We listen to the client’s problem and budget needs, and consider what we know our machines are capable of doing. Based on that we recommend particular models and even explain whether renting, buying new or buying a refurbished unit would be best. Often the choice of purchasing a refurbished unit comes down  affordability, availability is the greatest for the client,” he elaborates.

“Refurbished models make us a sustainable business too,” Daniel points out. “ Instead of sending old machines to landfills, we use most of the components repeatedly as long as it works efficiently and safely. That means that no new steel, minerals or other materials have to be extracted or manufactured. It is better for the planet, the business and the client.”

Considering a short-term forklift rental? Contact Jungheinrich on (+27)10-596-8460, or send an e-mail to Their products can be seen on their website at