Farmers’ eyes sparkled again this year at the sight of the top of the range implements that Jupidex displayed at NAMPO. After all, Jupidex is a market leader in South Africa for the supply and support of high-quality agricultural equipment.

The latest technology that Jupidex displayed at NAMPO included a wide range of useful implements – soil preparation equipment, spreaders, haymaking equipment, feed mixers, sprayers, precision technology, and more.

Jupidex always strives to find better solutions for our farmers and therefore it takes a lot of effort to fit all Jupidex’s superior tools in their two stands at NAMPO.

Davel Kirstein, National Sales Manager of Jupidex, tells more: “It is incredible to be able to see all our customers again at NAMPO. NAMPO offers a platform to introduce our new products to the farmers and the market. The interaction between the farmers and the feedback we get from them is very valuable to us, because it enables us to adapt to the farmers’ needs.”

Davel adds: “On top of events like NAMPO, we also hold many farmers’ days, not only ourselves, but also with our dealers across the country. We also provide training for our dealers wherever we can and transfer technical knowledge to them so that they can better serve farmers and enable them to get the most out of our equipment.”

Jupidex’s range of equipment at NAMPO

This year, Jupidex exhibited even more equipment than the previous year at NAMPO. “We have also greatly expanded our own Kverneland range, and where there are needs, we have found products to fill the gaps,” says Davel.

New range of Kverneland sprayers – first year on NAMPO

“We are also very proud of our full range of high-tech front-mounted, trailed and self-propelled Kverneland sprayers that we were able to show at NAMPO,” says Davel.

“The one sprayer we would like to highlight is the Kverneland iXter B18 trailed sprayer with its combination iXtra front-mounted tank. The Kverneland iXter B mounted sprayer range is the fruit of years of research and development in close collaboration with farmers: it is today the most advanced mounted sprayer range,” explains Davel.

This sprayer range will take any farmer far ahead and is highly recommended for precision farming. The iXter B18 can work up to 24 metres wide and holds 3 000 litres of spraying liquid (1 800 litres in the back and 1 200 litres in the front) so you do not have to interrupt your spraying every now and then to fill up.

“An advantage of this combination is the fact that you can apply two different types of chemicals at once and have higher capacity and more volume,” adds Davel.

For more spray volume, the iXtra can be mounted on the front of your tractor.

For easy and simple mixing, the iXter sprayers also have the mixing bin mounted on the side of the sprayer, so no one has to climb up and mix inside the tank. You can work conveniently and see what you are doing.

The striking new Kverneland iXter B18 precision sprayer attracted a lot of attention at NAMPO.

New range of Kayhan Ertuğrul balers in the Jupidex stable

Jupidex has also recently launched their new range of Kayhan Ertuğrul compression balers. The two balers showed off at NAMPO were the Kayhan Ertuğrul 520 and 555. “We have already sold a few of these new balers to customers and the farmers are very satisfied with the range. This is a high-quality baler that makes a lot of compact bales in no time. We look forward to selling even more of them to farmers visiting us,” says Davel.

These compact Kayhan Ertuğrul compression balers have several safety mechanisms, with break bolts in various places to protect your baler. The KE 520 also has a safety pin, which pops out when any problem occurs. This helps prevent you from breaking needles. The balers’ knotting and tying mechanism is simple to maintain, easy to work with, and the parts for these balers are readily and freely available from Jupidex and their dealers.

The Kayhan Ertuğrul compression baler.

Kayhan Ertuğrul Silage Cutter

“The Kayhan Ertuğrul silage cutters are also among our new products. They are available in two different models – the KE 125 and the KE 120. These silage cutters are very popular among smaller farmers, the African market, as well as farmers who do not want to wait for contractors but want to cut silage for their cattle immediately.

“The KE 120 is a single-row silage cutter. It is easy to use and maintain, with low kW requirements,” explains Davel.

“The KE 125 is a multi-purpose cutter that is suitable for cutting and shredding grain and grass crops. This cutter can be mounted on the front, rear, or side of your tractor. You also do not need a very large tractor. Its outlet chute can rotate 360 ​​degrees to make offloading easy and eliminate waste. It also has a drawbar at the back, which enables you to hook up a silage wagon, so you do not need an extra tractor for the wagon.”

Both cutters’ knives are automatically sharpened with the grindstone mounted in the cutter.

The small but efficient KE 125 and KE 120 silage cutters.

Toscano – new tillage additions

“We also have our new Toscano high-speed disc and power harrow this year at NAMPO. The Toscano high-speed tiller is available with working widths of six and four metres. We have already tested the new Toscanos in the Ventersburg/Senekal area and the farmers who worked with them were pleased with the implement. We hope to soon see more of these red implements making dust on farmers’ fields,” says Davel.

The new Toscano 6-meter high-speed tiller.

McHale’s stalwart round balers

Jupidex is also well known for their stalwart McHale round balers. McHale balers are already known as the best money can buy because they take all the headaches out of baling.

New McHale Fusion 4+

“The McHale Fusion 4+ is our latest addition to the range,” says Davel. “This baler features the new Profi-Flo technology, which is designed to increase crop intake and ensure a more efficient material flow. The Fusion 4+ is also ISOBUS ready and equipped with a scale that weighs each bale for you.”

The Fusion 4+ is also a bale wrapper. When the bale chamber has finished its work, the bale is moved to the wrapping table to be wrapped. Once the wrapping action begins, the baler begins to form the next bale. When the baler stops to set up the net, the wrapped bale is placed neatly on its head on the ground. All these actions are controlled from the cockpit.

The range of McHale balers that farmers could admire … and buy at Jupidex’s NAMPO stand this year.

One of this year’s highlights at the Jupidex stand was the impressive and new-to-the-market Degelman Pro-till 40 high-speed tiller.

Less than a month ago, the first Izelmak SuperMix feed mixer also made its appearance. They are available in 12 and 8 cubic metres.

The Jupidex team at this year’s 55th NAMPO harvest day: Philip Janse van Rensburg, Izél Grobbelaar, ZW Nichols, Jacques Le Roux, Davel Kirstein, JC Blignaut, Juandré Maré, Christopher Laubscher, Divan van Rooyen, Wessel Pretorius, and Arthur Bezuidenhout.

The Jupidex group is dedicated to introducing the latest agricultural and especially  precision technology to farmers. Visit their website at or call (+27)33-386-3574 for more information.