Kempston Agri and CLAAS introduce the AXION 900 TERRA TRAC to the South African agricultural sector today. The AXION 900 TERRA TRAC is the first half-track tractor with full suspension and can take on those really big challenges: with powerful engines delivering up to 444hp, continuously variable CMATIC driving comfort and enormous
tractive power.

The strengths of the AXION TERRA TRAC summarized are:

• 15% more traction and 50% less ground pressure with TERRA TRAC
• Go from 0,05 to 40 km/h with simple, continuously variable transmission
• Make significant fuel savings with the low-speed concept
• Operate the tractor intuitively via the 12” CEBIS touchscreen
• Perform every turning manoeuvre at the press of a button with the CSM headland
management system and TURN IN steering system

CLAAS presented the AXION TERRA TRAC as a prototype at Agritechnica in 2017 and launched it for sale in 2020. The ground adaptation resulting from the special design of the undercarriages not only increases comfort, but also ensures more even pressure distribution and uncompromising tractive power, even on uneven fields.

“The new CLAAS Axion 960 TERRA TRAC is potentially the best tractor we’ve seen for some time from the German manufacturer. Combining arguably the most capable tractor the company produces with its well-proven TERRA TRAC system might have produced a concept a couple of years ago, yet from what we’ve seen so far CLAAS appears to have done a really thorough job with the development
of this tractor.” – Farm Machinery Journal, October 2019.

Lower engine speed and better fuel economy

The AXION 900 TT is designed for transport work as well as field work. It can deliver its full engine output, without a boost, for every type of job. Even heavy tillage at low speeds is no problem. Thanks to CMATIC powertrain management, the AXION 900 TERRA TRAC employs a low-speed concept: higher output at lower engine speeds and automatic engine speed adjustment reduce operating costs.

A 6-cylinder, 8,7 litre FPT Cursor 9 engine gets to work under the one-piece bonnet. It meets the requirements of the Stage IV (Tier 4) emissions standard and is equipped with the latest common rail 4-valve technology, charge-air cooling and a variable geometry turbo (VGT). Higher output with lower fuel consumption – this was the goal CLAAS engineers wanted to achieve when developing the innovative low-speed concept for CMATIC tractors.

Further benefits include greater convenience and longer working hours on one tank of fuel:
• Constant output range of 1,700 to 1,900 rpm
• Constant torque range of 1,300 to 1,500 rpm
• 95% of max. output available at the 1,000 ECO rear PTO
• Reduced engine speed for transport work at 40 km/h
• Two idling speeds (650 and 800 rpm) with automatic adjustment reduce stationary fuel
consumption by up to 2 l/h.

Soil is precious – Low ground pressure safeguards future harvests

The footprint of the crawler track assembly depends on the width of the track. If the front tyre contact area is included, it can be up to 4.0 m2. That’s 1.0m2 or 35% more than that of a standard tractor. This has a positive impact on your soil; significantly less pressure means less surface compaction. So, you spend far less time and energy on restructuring work.

Even more striking is the soil-protecting effect of the Axion 900 TT in deeper soil horizons (below 40cm) which were not cultivated. Here, 50% less soil pressure was recorded compared to a standard tractor. Effective soil protection ensures high soil fertility in the long term.

Make the most of the Terra Trac concept

The AXION 900 TT drives like a conventional four-wheel tractor and has front-axle steering.

Its strengths are:
• Powerful traction – The long wheel base and front axle provide effective directional stability.
• Steady pressure – The vehicle’s weight distribution and the implement’s drawbar load have no effect on the behavior of the Terra Trac crawler track units.
• Strength and stamina – The front axle and crawler track unit with its large angle of oscillation easily cope with very uneven ground on farm tracks and at field entrances.
 Even with mounted implements – Since the steering does not generate any lateral movement at the rear of the tractor, no sideways load is transmitted to attached implements

 More soil protection on the headland – Even during tight turning manoeuvres at the headland, the crawler tracks do not drift – so the soil remains level.

Less front weights

The front tyres on the AXION 900 TT make up an even smaller proportion of the total footprint than those of the standard tractor. Most of the tractive power is transmitted by the TERRA TRAC crawler track assembly.


The independent track suspension provides for a very smooth ride by having a full 4-point suspension, a ventilated premium seat, a proactiv front axle suspension which adjusts to tractor loading and automatically remains in the central position, vibration damping for both front and rear linkage, more traction with comfort provides .


Efficient and user friendly

CMATIC is the name of the continuously variable transmission technology used in CLAAS tractors. In the AXION 900 TT series a ZF Terramatic transmission provides efficient conversion of engine power. In this split-power, continuously variable transmission, the four mechanical ranges are automatically selected by multidisc clutches. There is no need to shift between ranges manually. The high mechanical component in the power transmission provides outstanding efficiency and low fuel consumption in every speed range.

Superior transmission control

Powerful acceleration, smooth deceleration and a fast response to changes in load: CMATIC powertrain management shows its capabilities in all conditions and for every task. Stay relaxed and focused throughout the working day so you can concentrate on more important things – CMATIC does the rest for you.

Exploiting real potential

The full power of the transmission can be used at speeds from 0.05 to 50 km/h. The high level of mechanical power transmission also delivers outstanding driving force in reverse. What’s more, every gear ratio can be used at every engine speed, giving Axion 900 TT tractors enormous potential for use all year round.

With engine speeds of 1,600 rpm at a top speed of 50 km/h and 1,400 rpm at 40 km/h, the Axion 900 TT also demonstrates its capabilities in transport operations. If the accelerator is not depressed, the transmission is in powered zero mode and maintains its position without creeping or rolling. This means that the tractor can start up safely and easily at steep field entrances or road junctions, even with full load.

The Axion TERRA TRAC is the first half track unit to have a fully suspended track system, following 30 years of experience of rubber track development for the CLAAS LEXION. Combined with the front axle and 4-point cab suspension, the track system not only aids ground contact and reduces wheelslip but gives the operator and unprecedented level of comfort compared to other tracked tractors. A true
game changer.

Source: CLAAS/Kempston Agri