LEMKEN is well known for their multipurpose equipment such as the Karat, Rubin and Heliodor, assuring you a firm seedbed for the planting season. When ploughing needs to be done, LEMKEN also stands ready with its Juwel range.

Greenway Farms originated 34 years ago – in 1988. They are located in the Tarlton area, and also have properties in Christiana and Naboomspruit. The main crop produced by Greenway Farms is carrots (800 ha) and cash crops which include wheat (350 ha), sugar beans (300 ha) and soya beans (300 ha).

Greenway Farms is a family farm owned by two families, under the management of Vincent Sequeira and Vito Rugani.

“I grew up on the farm and have always had a love and passion for what we do. Since I was five years old, I have helped out on weekends and holidays on the farm wherever I could. For the past four years, I have been on the farm full-time, where I started as General Farm Manager for the Tarlton farm, and after two-and-a-half years I was appointed as Senior Production Manager, where I am now responsible for the management of all three farms,” says Vincent Sequeira junior.

Marco Tijssen of Genius Landbou, Vincent Sequeira of Greenway Farms and Christo Prinsloo of LEMKEN at the Juwel 8 plough and furrow press roller.

Nowhere in the world is a set of equipment that can compare to LEMKEN. This is also precisely why Greenway Farms chose LEMKEN. They have been using LEMKEN equipment for the past three-and-a-half years.

They have four LEMKEN implements on the farm, including two 3,5 metre Karat 9s, a 5 metre Rubin 12, and they recently acquired the LEMKEN Juwel 8 plough.

“Over the past five years, farmers all over the country have made a mental shift, and increasingly realised the importance of good soil structure. Our need on the farm was to improve our soil structure and soil moisture,” says Vincent.

Marco Tijssen, Co-Director of Genius Landbou and LEMKEN Sales Representative for the Tarlton area, confirms that LEMKEN was the best solution to improve the soil structure of Greenway Farms.

“They were looking for a reliable implement, and parts that are easily available. I recommended the LEMKEN Juwel 8 plough together with the furrow press roller, which is ideal for reconsolidating soil and provides farmers with the best results,” he says.

The LEMKEN Juwel 8 is a mounted plough attached to the three-point hitch of the tractor. The furrow press roller is pulled behind the plough. At the end of the field, the furrow press roller is unhitched, whereafter the plough is hydraulically turned around in the air, to plough the next section of the field.

The LEMKEN Juwel 8 in action with the furrow press roller ensuring an even and perfect seedbed afterwards

“After I did some thorough research, Marco recommended the Juwel 8 to me,” says Vincent. “I had seven requirements: durability, a user-friendly machine, low maintenance cost, good working depth, safe and quick hydraulic overturn, availability of parts, and lastly a method of tillage that breaks the clods and creates a level soil surface. The Juwel 8 met all my requirements, which made my choice easier.”

Good soil structure is of utmost importance to allow water and air to move freely through the soil, ensuring healthy plant growth.

Vincent adds: “Because carrots are a root crop, our soil structure is extremely important to ensure that we produce the best quality carrots, and also reduce diseases of the crop by ensuring you have the best possible drainage in your field.

“Over the years we have always ploughed our fields, although we always had to do extra tillage for the seedbed preparation. With the Juwel furrow press roller attached, it is a two-in-one operation. We save on fuel, labour, wear and tear, and an additional tractor and implement. With all these factors considered, we are more efficient in what we do.

“One of my favourite and unique features of the Juwel 8 is the Optiquick adjustment system. The Optiquick adjustment system allows for easy and efficient adjustment of front width and tractor or plough pull line, independent of each other. This precise and specific adjustment has brought us great improvements in our fuel consumption. The tractor pulls the plough with less effort, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings.

“The LEMKEN Juwel 8 plough has a ploughing depth of anything up to 350 mm and a working width of up to 50 cm per mouldboard. The plough needs a tractor power ranging from 80 to 150 kW depending on the number of furrows.

The furrow press roller is acquired apart from the plough. It is attached to the plough using a hydraulic pin. When the plough reaches the end of the field, the pin releases the roller, whereafter the plough turns over. It then re-engages the roller to work the next row,” Marco explains.

Marco, Vincent and Christo measuring the working of the Juwel 8 and finding it perfect.

Vincent adds: “We use a 130 kW tractor to plough. Our Juwel has already worked 400 ha, and now we only had to replace some of the shears for the first time.”

Marco says: “Several farmers return to ploughing because it is a tillage method that offers the most for the farmer. You have a better soil structure, and better weed and pest control on your fields, which ultimately results in a better crop and harvest.”

“All LEMKEN’s implements are reliable and built to last. With LEMKEN, you get 100% value for your money, and you’re assured to get what you need and more,” Vincent concludes.

You can also win with LEMKEN. For more information, contact Karel Munnik at 082-412-2577 or k.munnik@lemken.com, Blackie Swart at 082-404-9651 or b.swart@lemken.com. The office number is 086-267-5720.