Increasing productivity is central to the agricultural sector’s quest to run profitable operations in the face of a challenging operating environment. To help farmers raise their productivity stakes, Liebherr-Africa offers its 21-tonne (t) R 920 crawler excavator, which places value on reliability, efficiency, productivity and versatility.

The 20-t class excavator range is one of the most popular size classes in the southern African farming sector. With operating costs high on the agenda, the farming community is placing operational efficiencies at the centre of its procurement decisions. Developed for use in earthmoving, digging and drainage, among other applications, the R 920 places efficiency at the core of its design.

Powered by a 110 kW / 150 HP engine, the machine leverages Liebherr’s integrated systems and the constant management of the engine and hydraulics to control fuel consumption. In addition, the optimised Positive Control hydraulic system makes the combined movements of the machine even more fluid, which in turn increases the breakout forces and breakaway torques for high levels of productivity combined with low fuel consumption.

“Our Positive Control hydraulic system features two working pumps to provide power for maximum excavation, travel or swing efficiency. With the system, the combined movements are optimised for operations ranging from levelling to extraction, loading and lifting, either with or without travel,” explains Tendayi Kudumba, GM for Earthmoving at Liebherr-Africa.

Intelligent work modes further enhance efficiency. Designed for economic operation, the Economy mode is recommended for normal working conditions. Power mode makes light work of high excavation capacities in difficult applications, while the Sensitivity Mode is ideally suited for accurate load-lifting applications. Meanwhile, Full Power Mode is especially designed for higher power often required for demanding applications.

With its new maintenance concept, Liebherr has significantly reduced the cost of excavator maintenance. To provide context, the R 920’s maintenance elements are positioned closely together and are easily accessible from the ground. The automatic central lubrication system is installed as standard and leads to increased productivity resulting from time savings.

Designing the R 920, Liebherr also placed a big focus on operator comfort. The machine comes with an enlarged cab with a mechanical suspension seat and a very comfortable working environment. The seat offers comfort thanks to air suspension, several horizontal and vertical settings, and adjustable pneumatic lumbar support.

In a constrained market, says Kudumba, farmers need maximum usage of their assets to remain profitable, which means machines should be able to be deployed outside their normal application range.

“Machine versatility is such an important parameter in today’s operating environment,” he says. The Liebherr Tool-Control system makes it easy to change various tools, thanks to recognition of the chosen tool’s system. It makes the programmed pressure and flow values available from the moment the hydraulic tool is changed. Consequently, the R 920 has more availability for productive tasks, and adjustment times are reduced. The optimal kinematics of the attachments allow the R 920 to reach a break-out force of 126 kN and a penetration force of 99 kN, while simultaneously increasing its lifting force,” concludes Kudumba.

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Source: Liebherr-Africa (Pty.)