With the right tool for the job, farming can be more efficient, more productive and more profitable. But, for various reasons, not every farmer can invest in humongous tractors and multiple gigantic implements. For some, the size of their farming operation makes it impractical – not everyone is a mega farmer – and for others, the type of farming practices has specific requirements. After all, your orchard or vineyard requires a smaller, narrower tractor that is purpose-built for specific applications to maximize the yield, compared to a traditional maize field that requires a different type of tractor and application.

This is something that the dedicated Mahindra Tractor’s team understands. There are approximately 2,5 million smallholder farmers in South Africa, and the sector is still growing. But in order for these individuals to grow and produce more food and generate a higher income, they require tools that help transform their farming operations.

At the recent Cape NAMPO expo in Bredasdorp, Mahindra displayed the wide range of tractors and implements that farmers can choose from. “We have a wide range of tractors, ranging from 11 to 82 kW (15 to 110 hp),” says Saurabh Kohli, Head of the Farm Business sector of Mahindra in South Africa.

The brand has a range of implements as well, that works well with the tractors, such as sprayers, hay rakes and mulchers. rippers, discs, and slashers to mention a few.

Mahindra also has assembly plants on every continent and is continuously expanding their footprint.

“We are trying to bring across the awareness of what the products are, what their capabilities are and what Mahindra stands for,” Saurabh explains.

Saurabh Kohli, Head of the Farm Business sector of Mahindra in South Africa.

The aim to transform farming and enrich lives

“There is a reason the world likes us. We are the largest tractor manufacturer in the world by volume. Tough, efficient and effortless are not just statements for Mahindra. We believe in this and that is why we are offering it,” he elaborates.

One of the offerings that Mahindra provides is the 3:2:3 promise that is unique to South Africa and is a first in the country. “It’s a three-year/3000 warranty. 2000 hours service parts come with each and every tractor to lower the cost of ownership. There is also a three day turn-around on your tractor if there is a breakdown.

“If it cannot be fixed within three days, we ask the dealer to give you another tractor for we understand that the farmer needs a tractor when he needs it.”

Eliminating downtime

The last but not the least is a new added benefit to each of our tractors and that is a Krishe Kit.

Krishe is Mahindra’s fleet management ystem which allows you monitor your tractors every move, productivity for the day and many other added benefits, for Mahindra understands that each farmer is looking at ways to increase profitability.

Mahindra has a wide range of tractors available for diverse farming operations.

Helpful service from Mahindra across the country

“We have a beautiful after sales team which is very well connected with all the dealers across the country. All processes such as systems check, spare parts availablity, warranty and technical discussions, all are taken care of by the teams,” Saurabh says.

He praises the dedication of the sales teams and emphasises that Mahindra already has a strong and ever growing footprint in South African agriculture.

At the Mahindra stand at NAMPO in Bredasdorp, farmers were impressed with the wide variety of the tractorsand implements. Some of these included models from the Global tractors launch held earlier that month in Cape Town. These products had been designed to cater to the needs of farmers worldwide and not only in South Africa.

“We want people to understand what we are doing and how we are planning,” he says. “We are here, and we shall work with you to do better things for the South African community.”

Mahindra also offers a variety of other farming equipment such as sprayers.

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