Mahindra is the number one selling tractor in the world, by volume! It is also no surprise that they are the largest tractor manufacturer in the world.

At NAMPO 2024 they displayed their full range of tractors, ranging from 44 to 82 kW (60 to 110 hp).

“When you say Mahindra, it is the name of a company, but it is also something that we proudly believe in. We believe in transforming farmers and enriching lives.” These are the proud words of Saurabh Kohli, Head of Farm Business.

Mahindra tractors have been synonym with farming for more than 35 years already. They are currently present on almost all the continents over the world.

There is no way Saurabh Kohli cannot smile when standing next to a versatile, bright red Mahindra.

Having been in South Africa for about three years now, they are focused on studying exactly what South African farmers need.

“It is not only tractors and implements that we give you. We also give you peace of mind. We have a promise known as three-two-three,” Saurabh explains. The promise works as follows: three years, three thousand hours; two years, two-thousand-hours service kits free; and a three-day turnaround warranty. “This is quite a unique offer. It gives the farmer reassurance that every commitment given by us is followed to a tee.”

Mahindra tractors also come with a tracking device. “This helps you track your tractors while sitting in the house or at a braai with your feet up.”

Mahindra Tractors has the guarantee that downtime on your farm stays at an absolute minimum with their three-day turnaround time.

Greg Bergmann, National Sales Head, is particularly proud of the Mahindra 86110, a 82 kW (110 hp) tractor. It has a Perkins-enjin as well as a ZF-transmission.

He also elaborates on the three-day turnaround time, which is not something known in South Africa. “If we cannot fix your tractor or something is wrong with it while under warranty, within three days we will bring you a new tractor so that we eliminate downtime on your farm.”

The tougher, the better! This is the motto that Mahindra Tractors stand by.

What Mahindra Tractors has also brought to South Africa, is a whole range of implements. These include 600-litre sprayers, disc harrows, slashers, power harrows, orchard tractors … “You name it, we’ve pretty much got it!” Greg laughs.

Greg concludes: “We are here to stay for a very long time and we understand the South African market.”

Greg Bergmann is ready to change your life with a new Mahindra tractor.

For further details, visit, or contact your nearest dealer. Mahindra Tractors has a wide dealer network of 22, which is busy expanding.