Farmers who handle livestock and game, equally love Algar’s livestock-handling equipment. Algar’s equipment is of the highest quality, is sturdy, is made of strong steel, and is cleverly designed to save time, money, and effort and to handle animals safely and with the least possible stress. What more could a man or animal ask for?

“One of the great advantages of Algar’s equipment is that it saves labour,” says Jonathan Toxopeus, sales representative for Algar. You don’t need a large crowd of workers who only confuse animals.

Algar’s popularity was once again proven by the many satisfied farmers who visited their exhibition at NAMPO Cape. Jonatan says: “It was nice to show again in the Cape and talk to our farmers.”

Algar’s range of products that they exhibited at NAMPO Cape:

Sheep system

Algar’s sheep system is one of their most popular products. “The sweep’s inner gate moves together with the pressure gate. This takes out the blind spot in the corner for the sheep to go into the crush. The squeeze aisle can be adjusted from 500 mm to 200 mm, and this prevents smaller animals from turning around in the aisle. The two-way class gate makes class quick and easy,” Jonathan adds.

The cattle or bovine system helps herd animals in the sweep tub and move them into the crush.

Bovine system

The berry system works much the same but can narrow from 750 to 350 mm, depending on the farmer’s needs. The calves are prevented to turn around.

JayLor TMR feed mixer

The full feed mixer is powered by a Honda petrol engine, which can be started electrically or manually.

The unit can mix between 500 kg and 1 000 kg depending on the material being mixed. The angled shape of the mixers in the drum makes sure that the material is mixed quickly and thoroughly while keeping the right fibre structure.

The full-feed mixer has an easy and simple outlet, which can be regulated, opened, and closed by hand.

The JayLor mixer is self propelled with zero turn mobility and the ability to work and move in small spaces.

Sheep automated hybrid crate

The crate works with air pressure from a small compressor that connects to your bakkie’s battery or electric power point. It can be placed on a scale and also has a sensor that closes the gate as soon as the sheep is inside.

Sheep tilt

The sheep tilt makes it easy to handle sheep and ensures that the sheep experience the least possible stress. The entrance ramp can be moved so that the sheep can enter from either side. After entering, the sheep is clamped and turned completely upside down. Now the farmer has full control over the sheep. Only one person is required to work with the tilt, and the animal does not have to stand in an exact place to be clamped for tilting.

This makes the process of clipping your sheep’s claws, carrying out pregnancy tests, or crutching the sheep easier. When the farmer has finished, the sheep is turned back and placed on its legs so that the sheep can walk calmly down the other side of the incline and out of the gate.

The Neck and Body clamp for cattle.

Cattle neck and body clamp

Reach a cow’s legs, stomach, back, forequarters, neck, rump, teats, and tail with ease.

The equipment is made in several series. The heavy-duty range is built with 3 mm steel and 50 x 50mm square tubing, which will last you a lifetime. This high-duty range is recommended for feedlots and intensive farming.

The equipment can also be ordered complete with a catch gate at the front and a sliding gate at the rear with the AI access gates option. You can also choose whether you want your control lever to be to the left or right of the clamp. This body clamp enables the handler to reach any part of the cow’s body without obstruction because it has eleven access gates from the sides.

There is even a centre beam that can be removed to apply a brand mark in just the right place.

Watch how Algar’s animal handling equipment reduces labour at NAMPO Cape.

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