Over the years, Massey Ferguson’s tractor and equipment mates have made a deep mark on farms across South Africa. At the recent FarmSpace and King Price baler challenge at Parys and the Balfour Hay Day, it was again proven that Massey Ferguson puts the farmer first by thinking of his comfort, performance and wallet. Livestock farmers can also enjoy the benefit of efficient technology that balances style and comfort, while staying in an affordable price range!

“For Massey Ferguson, it’s about the original tractor,” says Ryan Clark, AGCO’s low horsepower product manager for Africa. “MF was the designer of the modern tractor. From the three-point hitch design, to four-wheel drive and self-propelled harvesters, the brand remains at the forefront of technology. We always strive to be technology leaders by continuing to develop and grow.
“We are looking at how we can make farmers’ lives easier for them, to ultimately put more money in their pockets.”

This is exactly the foundation of the MF Global range of tractors. The range consists of several versatile tractors of different sizes that are ideally suited for loading, hauling and baling work.

During the FarmSpace and King Price baler challenge, the MF 4708 cab tractor showed exactly why this low horsepower tractor is indispensable. It forms an excellent team together with the bale wrapper.

Nardu Schutte tells how the MF 1840 block baler’s unique central inline design makes baling easy because the material follows a straight path through the baler.

Good teamwork with MF’s bale wrapper

“Not only is Massey Ferguson the oldest tractor manufacturer in the world, we also now offer a complete range of haymaking equipment that can suit every farm,” explains Nardu Schutte, AGCO’s product manager for haymaking equipment. “It consists of mowers, rakes, tedders and a collection of balers.”

The balers include the square balers, large round balers (fixed chamber and variable chamber balers) and big pack balers.

“The bale wrappers go well with the round balers, especially if you want to make silage,” says Nardu.

There are two bale wrappers available: the TW 130 and TW 160. The TW 130 is the entry-level, semi-automatic model with hydraulic control that is easily operated from the cab. The model handles bales from 0,9 m to 1,3 m in diameter weighing up to 1 000 kg. The TW 160 is fully automatic. “It provides all-day effortless bale-wrapping pleasure,” says Nardu. The model can handle bales from 0,9 m to 1,6 m in diameter with a maximum weight of 1 250 kg.

Value for money with the MF 1840 small square baler

According to Nardu, the Massey Ferguson 1840 small square baler is a machine they are proud of. The sought after baler has attracted attention across Africa with its unique central inline design. The baler runs right behind the tractor for better balance and less ground traction, and the hay is pulled through smoothly from the pick-up in front, straight to the block in the back.

“The hydraulic bale chamber is also one of the MF 1840’s features that stands out because it gives you a very large capacity and is convenient to work with,” says Nardu.

In addition, this model offers the widest lifting capacity for small square balers on the market, namely 1,9 m. The low-profile lifter with adjusting wheels follows ground slopes for clean lifting.

Special offer on MF Global Tractor Series!

Massey Ferguson is offering a special offer on the entire Global tractor range from the beginning of February.

Farmers receive a prime minus 5% discount on all the tractors in the range.

“We are very excited about this new promotion,” says Ryan. “This is just another way that helps our farmers to farm more profitably and finally acquire that Massey Ferguson he has been dreaming about for years.”

MF has an extensive dealer network of more than 40 dealers across South Africa who are ready to help farmers find the right tractor and implement for every task with all the after sales service and spare parts that may be needed.

For more information, visit www.masseyferguson.co.za to get a quote for your tractor today!