LEMKEN believes that healthy soil produces good crops, and the beginning of healthy soil is the return of biological material into the topsoil where it can decompose to feed the soil and improve the soil structure. Any material left after harvesting is suitable, but the finer the material is when it goes into the soil, the sooner the decomposition process can start, enabling the living organisms to do their miracle.

At NAMPO, Blackie Swart from LEMKEN SA said they are very excited to offer their new range of implements, the Müthing mulchers, to farmers, because this is what farmers have been asking for. Just like LEMKEN’s famous blue machines, the Müthing series comes from Germany.

Blackie says: “Farmers no longer want to burn wheat residues. They were looking for another solution to handle masses of material.”

Also, the remains of other crops and material that grow vigorously under irrigation but must immediately be removed to prepare for the next season’s crop.

“We were looking for implements that are as strong as LEMKEN and we found the Müthing mulchers in Germany,” says Blackie. “Farmers can now chop the material finer and after cultivation the processes in the soil can accelerate. Finer material speeds up organic release, and it not only nourishes the soil, but the farmer also saves on weed and insect control, such as the prevention of stock borer and fusarium.”

The equipment can also be used for deforestation, the mulching of leaves and pruned branches in vineyards and orchards, especially under nut trees, and municipal parks etc.

Müthing has machines from 1 metre wide to 8,6 metres, and there are models that can work alongside, in front or behind the tractor.

At NAMPO, farmers could look at the three-metre MU Vario and the 6,7-metre MU Farmer.

This is what the three-metre MU Vario’s sturdy hammers and rollers look like.

The MU Vario can move to both sides by approximately 26 cm to reach where the tractor cannot drive. The roller can also be moved to let the material out at the back or deposit it in front of the roller.

Blackie says: “All the hammers are tempered with boron steel, so they are very strong, and you have a three-year guarantee on the hammers.”

At NAMPO, grain farmers particularly looked at the big brother in the range, the 6,7-m MU Farmer machine. It is easy to hook the MU Framer to the tractor and tow it anywhere between fields and even between farms. In the field it is unhooked, the drawbar folds up, the wheels are swung out, it is then connected to the three-point hitch, and you are ready for a very aggressive processing of masses of material.

The hammers on the roller weigh 2,7 kg each, which gives it a lot of chopping power.

The Müthings can be used on their own, but also fit perfectly into a total cultivation programme with your LEMKEN Karat or Rubin for seedbed preparation.

Blackie says the mulchers are affordable, they have already been widely tested and they work excellently.

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