The Case IH stand was one of the main attractions at NAMPO and, as always, Case IH once again set the tone with their latest technology and launches.

Stephan Nel, Managing Director of Case IH South Africa, says NAMPO 2024 was very busy. “We had many feet coming through our stand, many positive experiences and loads of enquiries.”

He adds that although many people inquired, not many were ready to buy. He attributes this to the harvesting season and the drought.

“There is definitely a bit of uncertainty about what the season will bring, but overall, we are very happy and have had fantastic interactions with our farmers.”

Case IH’s theme at NAMPO was ‘At home with technology’ and they certainly got it right with the introduction of their connection room software and Raven hardware.

Compatible with any tractor, Case IH’s Raven touchscreens were introduced to farmers in Case IH’s Connection Room at NAMPO 2024.

Case IH at home with technology at NAMPO

They put the emphasis on technology that can help the farmer to farm more efficiently. The connection room technology includes fleet monitoring and remote diagnostics. The technology can be used to upgrade your equipment’s computer software, and can help you take preventative action if something goes wrong with your tractor.

On the equipment side, they also displayed the Raven product range. The product is compatible with various tractor models, from old to young, and from different manufacturers.

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Case IH introduced their new Optum range at NAMPO 2024.

Speaking of tractors

The company was very excited to introduce their Case IH Optum tractor range. These tractors are built in Austria at one of the best CNH factories in the world.

“It is physically built by farmers who farm part-time and work part-time in the factory,” boasts Stephan. The range falls between their Puma and Magnum ranges.

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That’s not all

Case IH displayed their maize headers as well as their 95220 class 9 Case IH harvester that comes from America.

Agricultural students who came to visit the exhibition.

Case IH invests in young farmers

There were quite a number of agricultural students who came to visit the exhibition.

“Young farmers are extremely important to us. We do not just start with the young farmers who are already farming and are in agricultural practice, but also the young people who want to farm,” says Stephan about the new generation of farmers who visited the show.

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CNH and specifically Case IH is very involved in agricultural schools as well as universities and colleges’ agricultural departments. Among other projects, they sponsor Kovsies and Tuks during the planting season.

Stephan explains that it is important to them that the students are not only aware of the latest technology they offer, but also know how to use it.

“I think this is where we plant the seed early on. A student who wants to enter agriculture knows that it is not only about what they learn, but about how they will be able to apply it one day,” explains Stephan .

Finally, for the Case IH team NAMPO 2024 was about shaking hands with the farmers and their families again, enjoying a mug of coffee together and discussing the challenges of agriculture.

“It is simply about that interaction and the relationship with our farmers. To understand what it is the farmers experience in the industry and ultimately enable us to bring the right solutions. I just want to say thank you to the farmers who came to talk to us. Thank you very much for the time and for the support,” concludes Stephan.