A dream of forty years came true when Danhauzer Uys, a farmer from Albertinia in the Western Cape, was announced at NAMPO Cape as the winner of the brand-new Case IH Maxxum 110 tractor worth more than R1-million. Case IH caused great excitement at NAMPO Cape this year with the drawing of the winner in their tractor competition.

The five finalists each received a key and the holder of the key who was able to start the tractor would drive away with a brand-new Case IH Maxxum 110 tractor worth R1 100 000. After great anticipation and excitement Danhauzer put the key he received in the tractor’s ignition and turned it …

Danhauzer says: “When I turned the key and I saw the tractor’s lights come on, my emotions ran high. It was an indescribable feeling when the realisation hit that I was holding the key to my first new tractor in forty years. I have never been able to afford a new tractor.”

Stephan Nel, Managing Director of Case IH Southern Africa, adds: “We were not aware of Danhauzer’s situation and background struggling with old tractors. It is so appropriate that he should win the tractor because he deserves such luck. The tractor has definitely found its rightful owner. It was also a very emotional moment for me.”

Case IH is EVERY farmer’s dream

“It is very rewarding for us to be involved in shows like NAMPO Cape, to get together again as an agricultural community and talk about the new trends,” says Stephan. Case IH is focused on the future of agriculture, and to offer the best to the farmer with their years of knowledge and experience in the industry. During NAMPO Cape this year, Case IH once again did not disappoint, showcasing the latest equipment and technology in their stable to farmers in the Western Cape and across the country.

Stephan says: “It is good for us to be involved in NAMPO Cape again this year. As Case IH, these opportunities are very important for us to move closer to our farmers, the community and also closer to the industry. We have already had good discussions with the Western Cape agricultural authorities, there are many plans in the pipeline, which we are very excited about. The Western Cape is a very important sector in which we also want to become much more involved.

Case IH’s high self-powered sprayer also attracted the attention of many farmers at NAMPO Cape.

“We have some highlights taking place here at NAMPO Cape this year and new launches, such as the Kelly harrow. We are also excited to launch our drones, which we are also introducing to the market under the NMI section of Case IH,” adds Stephan.

For Case IH it is important to stay at the forefront of agricultural technology to offer only the best solutions for the farmers. Stephan says: “We also recently launched our Connect Room facility under the CNH group, because data integration remains a key point to agriculture for us. We want to introduce all this data to our farmers to show them how it can promote their farms and businesses.”

Farmers should regularly familiarise themselves with the latest advances in technology so as not to be left behind. Those who choose to remain pessimistic and opposed to development will simply not succeed in the new world of ‘smart’ farmers. “Focusing on modern technology is not only good for the farmer, but also for the community and the local economy. We are excited about the future of agriculture and also for the future of agriculture in the Western Cape,” concludes Stephan.

For more information on Case IH’s latest agricultural equipment, technology, and developments, visit their website.