Good harvesting starts in the farmer’s heart. Tending the land is much more than a job: it’s a vocation. Your fields feel the care you give them and return the favour by providing their best produce. Only those who experience this relationship first-hand can fully explain it.

But you do not need to do this all by yourself. New Holland is always by your side — we understand what you and your land need. That’s why we aim to offer the right solutions that are designed specifically for the challenges your production faces.

Our dedication makes it possible for us to develop machines such as the CR Twin Rotor series combine harvesters. They have a complete set of advanced features, ideal for your kind of work. Your work becomes easier, more productive, and more profitable.

Testing has shown that throughout the course of a long harvesting day, IntelliSense™ technology delivers superior performance, even when compared to the most experienced harvesting operators.

This CR twin rotor harvester range, that earned its place in the Guinness World Records in 2014, testifies to a harvester with brute force and unmatched capacity. These double rotor harvesters are world leaders in terms of capacity, grain quality, low fuel consumption and versatility.

Three models are available in the CR series, namely the CR 6.80, CR7.90 and CR9.90, and they have more options than ever before. The CR series is the only machine on the market that features twin rotors for the threshing and separation processes.

This twin rotor technology was developed over 47 years ago by New Holland and still proves to be the best. There are two options of twin rotors: S3 rotors and Twin Pitch rotors.

You can now also benefit from the Dynamic Feed Roll™ system. It is equipped with a new cab-activated reversing function, which ensures smooth crop flow into the threshing mechanism (improving feeder performance between 10 and 15%), as well as full stone protection.

IntelliCruise™ II has 3 different driving strategies: Maximum capacity, fixed throughput, or limited loss.

ASP — our advanced stone detector system protects your machine, making your operations safer and more productive.

Standard Twin Pitch rotors feature 44 elements and deliver increased performance in many cropping conditions. They can offer up to 10% more capacity in damp conditions. Rotor vanes can be adjusted manually or remotely to ensure pitch-perfect performance.

With IntelliCruise™ II, operators can now select from three different driving features.

IntelliCruise™ II has 3 different driving strategies: Maximum capacity, fixed throughput, or limited loss.

Maximum capacity

This ensures that the combine’s ground speed makes full use of the engine potential, causing it to run at maximum load.

Fixed throughput

This mode varies the ground speed to maintain a set flow rate.

Limited loss

This specific setting was engineered to control ground speed and ensure losses do not exceed a pre-determined limit.

New Holland’s IntelliSense™ automation system equips the CR Revelation range with an industry-leading proactive system that enables the combine to react every 20 seconds, selecting the best action out of 280 million possibilities. Ground-breaking technology such as the first cleaning shoe load sensor and the next generation Grain Cam™ and electrically adjustable rotor vanes, has been developed. The system can make instant adjustments.

New Holland’s famous Twin rotor system that still holds the world record for brute force and unmatched capacity.

Operators can select four driving strategies from the intuitive interface to meet their specific requirements:

  • Limited loss: to make every grain count
  • Best grain quality: when only the best will do
  • Maximum capacity: get the job done fast
  • Fixed throughput: uniformity is the name of the game

These operating modes — to name only a few — can be further refined to meet specific harvesting conditions. Every machine can be tailored to your needs.

Various headers are also available, like the Superflex and maize headers. Your passion drives your fields.

New Holland is always ready to help you achieve even more.

If you wish to find out more, contact Jaco du Preez on +27-(0)82-524-8898.