Cut and bale with confidence

New Holland has been putting the ‘big’ in big square bales for more than three decades. Since its first big balers in 1987 were introduced, 30 000 of these balers were delivered world-wide.

The new BigBaler 1270 Plus Density offers professional bale performance, which is guaranteed in all crops, and delivers consistent, best-in-class bale density. About 10% more density is achieved compared to normal balers, by strengthening the bale chamber and increasing the pressure.

Furthermore, it has all the features and technology of the BB Plus baler series, such as:

  1. The Loop MasterTying technology. The second knot is now a noose style knot rather than the traditional double knot system. This noose knot is 37% stronger than the standard knot. This leads to an increase of up to 26% in overall tensile strength for less breakage. And even more important – it eliminates off-cuts remaining in the field and possibly ending up in feed. At first, it may not sound like much, but in a season of 10 000 bales, it means more than 6 km or 46 kg of baling twine saved.
  2. This baler is designed with easy maintenance in mind, because the farmer wants to use the machine for making bales, not for nursing it in the yard. Efficient features such as minimal daily lubrication points, wide opening sides and front screen, as well as easy access to the bottom of the baler are available. The pick-up roller has belts with plastic teeth for quick, easy replacement when needed. The large, flat operating deck provides easy access to the knotting system.
  3. Options such as the IntelliSteer ISOBUS III system which adapts the tractor speed to the baler to maximise productivity are also available.
  4. Data recorded with the GPS system can also be analysed in the MyPLM® Connect portal.

The BB1290 HD (high density) balers, with Packer or rotor cutting action, can deliver bales with a density of up to 22% higher than conventional balers. This leads to more efficient logistics and more cost effective transport of bales. This baler is therefore ideal for professional bale contractors and bale dealers.

Continuous improvement. Modern styling. Simplicity proven.

The new Roll-Bar 125 fixed chamber baler produces a 1,25 m diameter bale and is built on the strong heritage and DNA of the best-selling BR6000 range. The proven characteristics of simple reliable drivelines, easy maintenance and high crop flexibility have been enhanced to meet the needs of today’s farming operations. Modern side screens give a stylish look and facilitate service with their gull-wing opening design. All main drive chains are reinforced to ensure maximum reliability. New sealed bearings in key areas, and a hydraulic rotor reverser are available from the factory. There is a choice between the feeding systems, and if you have to cut the crop, they also have a CropCutter system available. Whatever you wish to bale, the New Holland Roll-Bar 125 baler can be specified to meet your requirements.

Other round balers available are the RB150 variable chamber baler that can bale sizes of 0,9 to 1,5 m. The RB125 roller baler works excellent for silage bales.

The popular BC5060 ram baler and 275 hayline square baler complete the series.

The new Roll-Bar™ 125 fixed chamber baler produce a bale of 1,25 m in diameter and is built on the strong heritage and DNA of the best-selling BR6000 series.

Cutters and cutting options

New Holland builds a side-drawn 210M mower, and the D210 mower conditioner that cuts 3,2 m wide. Die gewilde middelpunt-sleep snyer kneuser eenhede, nl. 313 & 316 sny 4,0m en 5,0m breed onderskeidelik. The popular Mowmax disc mower system is built tough and needs minimal maintenance. Shockpro pivots absorb the impact that obstructions may cause. Should the ring gear break, it can easily and quickly be replaced in the field. Rubber conditioner rollers are adjustable according to the material and pressure required.


All of this haymaking equipment are subject to financing subsidies from prima -5% with a 20% deposit over three years (36 months). The VAT on your purchases is handled with the financing and you can reclaim the VAT within 3 months. It therefore significantly reduces the initial deposit and thus strengthens your cash flow.