New Holland built the new GENESIS® T8 Series with PLM Intelligence™ (precision land management system with intelligence) around the input of farmers like you. From a reimagined cab designed to offer the most comfortable and convenient driver experience, to next-generation intuitive controls that can be easily customised to the tasks at hand, every detail has been carefully engineered to meet your needs.

The new GENESIS® T8 is also the first tractor on the market to fully integrate New Holland’s advanced PLM Intelligence™ platform. So, no matter where you are, you are always connected to real-time insights, information, and support.

All these advances and innovations have evolved to create the most intuitive tractor the field has ever seen.

There is enough power supplied by the engine, producing from 185 kW (250 hp) to 295 kW (400 hp), fully synchronised or automatic transmissions to convert this power to heavy-duty axles, robust three-point linkage and the drawbar. The 282 ℓ / minute mega flow hydraulic pump ensures long-lasting operation of any implement or planter.

The SideWinder™ Ultra armrest hosts all key controls, including throttle, transmission, and hydraulics. Everything you need to control is intuitively selected. More advanced features can be quickly accessed.

The IntelliView 12 screen offers fast configuration and advanced features such as custom layout options for each individual task and operator, 3D maps, touch screen navigation and seamless integration with precision-accurate signals. Three levels of precision accuracy are available, namely PLM 1 (15 cm), PLM 2 (5 cm), PLM RTK and PLM RTK + (2,5 cm). Special applications are also controlled by this system.

Visibility of your fleet has never been as easy as with the telematicsincorporated system. Together with the MyPLM Connect database system, the producer has full control over his farm and fleet. No matter where he is, he always has access to real-time insight, information, and support.

MyPLM™Connect telematics

• Assisting fleet managers to optimise machinery management.
• Providing real-time field data at your fingertips.
• Enabling accurate data management to improve operating efficiency.

New GENESIS® T8 tractors have the longest wheelbase in the segment. Ultra-Command™ models boast a 3,43 m wheelbase, and 3,53 m on the T8.435. That is more than 25 cm longer than the nearest competitor. A longer wheelbase means greater stability at high transport speeds, easier ballasting with better weight transfer, and more traction for demanding heavy drawbar applications.

GENESIS® T8 models with SmartTrax™ rubber tracks represent a key advance in conventional tractor design, combining the in-field advantages of a wheeled tractor with the flotation and traction benefits of a tracked machine. Factory developed specifically for the GENESIS® T8 Series and available on T8.410 and T8.435 models, SmartTrax are not simply a “bolt-on” alternative to rear wheels.

Detailed modifications to the transmission and driveline ensure maximum power and torque can be transmitted to the tracks for dependable performance in the most demanding of applications.

SmartTrax™ can be fitted with tracks of 40,6, 45,7, 53,3, 61, and 76,2-cm (16, 18, 21, 24 and 30-inch) widths. From row crop to broad acre farming, there is a SmartTrax option to fit your specific needs.

T9 Series with PLM Intelligence™

The new T9 Series with PLM Intelligence™ tractors showcase the best of New Holland’s power (302 kW to 447,4 kW), comfort, efficiency, and versatility. Paired with PLM Intelligence™ connected features (as with the T8 above) integrated into the tractor, the T9 Series tractor is the most advanced, most powerful 4-wheel-drive tractor New Holland has ever offered. Power truly meets precision in the new T9 tractor.

Whether you are seeding, levelling, cultivating, or applying nutrients, New Holland’s exceptionally robust articulated Tri-Point chassis ensures precision ground-following and smooth transfer of power to the ground to improve performance and results.

The centre section has a large top link that extends from the front frame to the very back of the rear frame transferring dynamic loads more efficiently and maximising your pulling capability, which in turn lowers fuel consumption. In addition, this tripoint oscillation ensures well-balanced weight transfer between the front and rear axles so significantly less ballast is required to reduce compaction.

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