In the agricultural industry, mechanization and technology are constantly changing to make machines and processes more effective. New Holland uses their 40 research and development centres to develop the demand for effectiveness.

With the new T7 HD series we are adding our first Stage V tractor to the range. There are three models in the series, and we focus, as a start, on the T7.315 HD (221 kW) model. This unit uses the ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR 2 system (echo Selective Catalytic Reduction) to reduce emissions. This innovative aftertreatment system is a maintenance-free, patented solution that minimizes operating costs. The Auto Command™ Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) contributes to the effective operation of this unit. It is also equipped with the PLM Intelligence™ which includes the Intelliview™ 12 screen and SideWinder™ Ultra. Thus, the layout is similar to the T8 and T9 tractor series which facilitates the operator’s work due to uniformity. Telematics is also standard along with the automatic guidance system which is open to RTK  (1.5 cm) correction signal. There are many other standard benefits such as cab- and front-suspension, LED lights, high hydraulic flow, high lift capacity and then the Blue Power paint and design package.

The new T7 series is a replacement of the current T7000 series. It has a new design with more visibility from the cab, cab-suspension, radio and LED lights. Hydraulic oil flow and lift capacity have been increased and now have a 4-speed power take-off (PTO). Telematics are standard and auto guidance, with RTX satellite signal option. The three models in the series are the T7.230 (132 kW), T7.245 (147 kW) and T7.260 (162 kW). All three units can be equipped with the 18×6 Power Command™ full Power Shift transmission or the Auto Command™ Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Electronic hydraulic valves can also now be ordered with the Power Command™ gearbox as requested by the market. Various other options, such as the front lift with PTO, can be selected depending on the farmer’s needs.

New Holland is also an advocate for technological changes to not only facilitate the jobs of its clients but also to protect the environment so that farming activities can continue for a long time to come. We develop equipment not only for comfort but for efficiency in all aspects.

New Holland’s T6.180 Methane gas tractor is the world’s first 100% methane gas powered production tractor and is the key to CO2 reduction without sacrificing performance. Farmers can use agricultural or animal waste (as well as specifically grown energy crops) to generate biomethane. These will power the tractor, which in turn helps grow those very crops. With the same power output as its diesel equivalent, you also benefit from the +-30% lower operating costs and CO2 emissions are almost 0% with biomethane. New Holland therefore offers an eco-friendly solution for your business that is powered by nature.

Come and view these tractors during NAMPO 2024 outside Bothaville at the New Holland stand if you haven’t had the chance to view them before then.

For more information visit or contact Jaco du Preez at 082-524-8898.