The flexible T6000 tractor range satisfy the demands of many operations.

New Holland’s formula for outstand­ing T6000 tractor performance involves mixing raw power and superior control with the ultimate in customer flex­ibility. T6000 tractors are a natural choice for livestock, field or contracting applications.

Delta and Plus models

Whether you are looking for proven performance in a value package, or a tractor that gives you the latest elec­tronic conveniences and pushbutton simplicity, the T6000 Series tractors are built for you.

  • Delta configuration models offer class-leading performance in a base-level configuration.
  • Plus configuration models raise the bar for on-the-job performance, offering a range of options includ­ing a semi-powershift transmis­sion, higher capacity closed-center hydraulic system, and the Ho­rizon™ cab with added comfort features.

Whether you choose a model with flatdeck ROPS platform or the all-weather comfort of the Horizon™ cab, you get space, comfort, control and view that make your work easier. The throttle, transmission, hydraulic and hitch controls are placed in an ergonomic position for easy, fingertip control. The sloped hood gives you an unobstructed view of the work area around you.

24×24 Dual Command™ (Delta models)

This Hi-Lo transmission with power shuttle gives you the added conveni­ence of clutchless forward-reverse shuttling, as well as twice the number of speed choices. Dual Command™ but­tons are located right on the gearshift lever to allow you to powershift on-the-go without clutching. This transmission provides the benefit of up to 11 speeds in the 3 to 12 km/h working range for maximum versatility. Transport speed is 40 km/h for FWD models.

16×16 ElectroShift™ (Plus models)

This transmission with power shuttle gives you touch-button powershifting through the four gears of each range, plus a clutch-free shift between first and second range, and between the third and fourth range. You only need the clutch once in 16 gears. An electro-hy­draulic power shuttle also lets you shift from forward to reverse without clutch­ing for easier loader or grading work.

Range Command™ and Power Command™ models

The powerful T6000 Range Command™ and Power Command™ models have a choice of rated power outputs from 104 to 121 kW (142 to 165 hp) and have been engineered by design to respond to your specific farming needs. With intelligent Engine Power Management these outputs can climb respectively to 131 and 148 kW (178 and 201 hp), but only when needed. The result? The New Holland T6000 series has all the power you need without the penalty of heavy fuel use.

You can choose a 19 x 6, 40 kph ECO transmission that not only provides 40 kph at a reduced engine speed, but also uses an ‘overdrive’ design to mini­mise parasitic losses; the combined result, less fuel is used. For those requiring specialist work we offer a 29 x 12 creeper transmission.


A modern tractor must be versatile. The traditional powerful but heavy tractor is compromised in several ap­plications. The advantage of Series T7000 is that you get the power of a larger tractor but with considerably less overall weight. From transport and top work to ploughing and heavy draft applications – T7000 does it all.

T7000 tractors can tread lightly in the field for planting, reducing compac­tion which can inhibit plant growth. For heavy draft work, the structurally strong T7000 tractors can add ballast quickly to make the most of its trac­tive power. A light tractor is always the best choice for transport. New Hol­land T7000 tractors have more power available to pull the load, they do not waste it on moving the tractor. A light haulage tractor also allows for larger payloads while still staying within any local road legislation limits.

Full Powershift — effortless drive — maximum power transfer. The Power Command™ transmission is designed to be robust and simple to use. Smart features like IntelliShift™ allow the operator to get the most out of the engine in the field and on the road.

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