New Holland’s T6000 tractor series is not new, but it also is not old! Changes and upgrades that has been made over time ensures that the blue team stays up to date with the new technology.

The series has three levels of technology, DELTA, PLUS and CLASSIC and ranges from 82 to 121 kW.

The DELTA-series (82 and 93 kW) is the economical series and is available with a roll bar (ROPS) or a cabin. This series was updated in 2023 with a 16×16 Electro Command transmission. Shifting between gears is easier since no clutch is required. Because this tractor is used a lot to haul wagons to the silo in the busy harvest time, this feature results in less fatigue for the operator. It also saves maintenance costs.

The PLUS-series consists out of the T6070 (104 kW) cabin tractor and has the same transmission as the DELTA-series. However, this has the closed-circuit hydraulic system of 113 litres per minute with three complete hydraulic linkages. All three have flow control and two are adjustable for whatever task you need. It is ideal for planting or any other hydraulic needs.

The CLASSIC-series (104 and 121 kW) is the high specification range with common rail injection which is equipped with the additional power function (boost) in certain applications. The 18×6 Power Command full power shift transmission provides excellent performance and operator comfort. The same hydraulic system as the PLUS series does its job here too.

The cabin is modern and comfortable and offers good visibility.

Two standard options are available, namely 650/65R38 in the rear and 540/65R28 in front, or the row crop tyres of 580/70R42 in the rear and 480/70R30 in front.

The full RTX steering system is already equipped and all you need is the RTX signal with the chosen accuracy to perform all your actions. Of course, you have full access to the MYNEWHOLLAND portal where you can integrate your farm, fleet, and data, and it’s free!

Continuous upgrading ensures that New Holland’s T6000 range remains popular and useful.

Several other options are also available, like a three-point lift at the front of the tractor with hydraulics and PTO.

A two year/2 000-hour service plan warranty is on all the T6000 tractors.

All have premium tires too. The cabins are spacious and offer excellent visibility.

CNH Capital financing at prima minus 8,5% over 36 months, with 20% deposit is also available on the entire T6000 series. The 15% VAT on your transaction is also financed and you can reclaim it within three months. This significantly reduces your initial deposit and strengthens your cash flow.

For more information, contact your nearest New Holland dealer or visit Call Jaco du Preez at (+27)82-524-8898.