New Holland’s tractors are known for their productivity and operator comfort. New Holland understands the needs of a farmer and knows that you want your tractor to perform as many tasks as possible on your farm.

Jaco du Preez, Marketing Manager for New Holland South Africa, pointed out a few of the “take-me-home” features of their well-known T9.505 and T8 Genesis tractors at Val Farmers Day: “It was a great privilege to be present again at Val Farmers Day 2023; it was an excellent day in terms of demonstrations to farmers. I would like to highlight some of the features of two of the biggest in the New Holland stable.”

New Holland T9.505

“The T9.505 is one of a series of five tractors, ranging from 300 kW to 447 kW. This tractor is particularly popular and perfect for farms that are getting bigger and bigger and where farmers are using wider and heavier implements,” adds Jaco.

The technology in these tractors has improved over the years. This tractor features the PLM intelligence controls, with a 12-inch screen that gives you access to all functions. With your control arm on the right-hand side of the operator, all functions are also manually adjusted and controlled, although they are fully integrated with the screen. This function makes work performance much easier for the operator, and because these controls are all the same in the PLM units, the operator can work with all units without difficulty,” says Jaco.

Jaco du Preez in front of the New Holland T9.505. This enormous tractor makes even a big man look small!

New Holland T8-380

“Our T8 Genesis range is also very popular in South Africa. This series is a familiar one and has already thoroughly proven itself to South African farmers. This range of tractors is also equipped with the PLM intelligence systems. New Holland’s T8-380 tractor produces 230 kW and is equipped with row crop wheels that enable you to work between your crop rows without trampling plants!

“These tractors are particularly popular among South African farmers for land preparation and planting,” adds Jaco.

A unique feature of the T8-380 is its small turning circle which makes it a winner on the headland. This useful feature is because its chassis is carved out to give more turning space for the front wheels, even though the T8-380 has the longest wheelbase for tractors of this size on the market. This means that all the power is on the ground and no power is lost,” says Jaco.

To make matters even easier for the farmer and operators, these tractors are equipped with the heavy-duty quick-coupling system that makes it possible to attach or detach implements in no time.

Farmers gather at Val Farmers Day to admire New Holland’s reliable blue tractors up close.

Hydraulic flow of the tractors is a whopping 282 litres per minute, which will be increased to 325 litres in the future.

“This tractor is truly your all-in-one package, which has everything inside and can handle all applications!” concludes Jaco.

New Holland tractors offer an excellent solution for every farmer’s needs. Big, small, slow, or fast – the team from New Holland is ready to help you, give you advice, and provide you with the best tractor for your needs.

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