Looking for unmatched quality in just one pass, the Vitamech Väderstad TopDown has you covered.

The TopDown does in one pass what other industry standard cultivators need two passes for and does it better. This means you retain soil moisture, have less compacted soil, and save time and money.

With this intensive disc cultivator and three axel tines you can prepare a fine soil seedbed to make planting a breeze. The discs are spaced 12,5 cm apart and each disc is placed on an individual disc arm. This ensures that the soil is finely cut up and the topsoil is mixed well. After cutting the soil the 27 cm spaced tines then loosen the soil and crop residue down to a depth of 30 cm. The leveller and packer finish the job by ensuring an even and fully reconsolidated surface.

Specially designed discs

The high-quality discs are produced using specialised hardened Swedish V-55 steel. This means the discs can handle thin intensive cutting and mixing. To adapt to varying soil conditions, the working intensity of the discs can be adjusted from the cab while on the move.

Unlike other industry standard cultivators, the TopDown range has conical shaped discs which maintain the same working angle relative to the soil. Irrespective of the wear or working depth.

The 700 kg stone release systems help to maintain a correct working depth in all conditions which contributes to an even crop growth.

Points for cultivators and tine harrows

Different farming has different needs and to be able to adapt to these different needs the Väderstad offers a wide range of points for cultivators and tine harrows. Choosing the right points for your cultivators are extremely important to get the optimal results in your fields and ensure you are prepared for your next crop.

The unique MixIn shin

All Väderstad tine cultivators comes standard with the unique MixIn shin. This MixIn shin throws the material forward instead of upwards and out at the back. By throwing the material forward it is forced to pass the tines twice, doubling the mixing intensity in depth and length.

The benefit of a better depth mixing is that the working depth can be reduced without compromising the result. A good lengthwise distribution gives a more even crop emergence.

In heavy soil the throwing angle effectively breaks the soil flow and leaves it nicely crumbled. The MixIn shins provide superior mixing and crumbling, without increasing fuel costs.

Saving with the TopDown

When it comes to savings the TopDown contribute in many ways by saving on fuel costs, soil health and increased working speed.

Reconsolidation for all weather

What makes the TopDown even more impressive is that it has four different reconsolidation options.

During dry weather the weight can be transferred from the cultivator to the packer. During humid weather the packer can float with its own weight. In very humid conditions the packer can either be raised or be completely removed.

An even field gives a great yield.

Ensure your field is always level with the TopDown. The levellers are fitted on a parallelogram, ensuring that the correct working angle is maintained at any depth.

To be able to adapt to varying soil conditions, the driver can adjust the intensity of the hydraulic levellers with millimetre precision while on the move.

Fertilising your fields

Equipping TopDown with a fertiliser kit allows for fertiliser application together with the tillage operation. The kit includes a distributor head that distributes the fertiliser, metered out from the front hopper Väderstad FH 2200. From the distributor head, the fertiliser is distributed to each cultivator tine. The fertiliser is placed behind each tine at your selected depth.

All at the touch of a button

Using the iPad-based control system, Väderstad e-control, the operator has full control of the machine right from the tractor cab. With the touch of a button, the driver can set the individual working depth or intensity of the discs, tines, levellers, or packer on the go. Four pre-set buttons can also be used to store different configurations.

Why not add a drill?

The TopDown can also be fitted with a mountable small-seeder BioDrill 360 which turns it into a seed drill allowing fast establishment of small-seeded crops, such as oilseed rape, cover crops or catch crops.

To learn more about this amazing cultivator or get hold of a dealer visit their website www.vitamech.co.za. You can also visit www.vaderstad.com to find out more about their products.