Maize fields around the world know that when a Geringhoff corn head pushes its toes between your rows, your job is done; the master takes over! Everything that the farmer wants to see in the silo is perfectly and painlessly fed into the harvester and what is left behind is a smoothly cut stubble field with material that is ready to feed the soil for the next planting season.

Geringhoff is the oldest agricultural company in the world and remains at the forefront of quality and technology, because they listen to the feedback of farmers on every continent.

At the combine harvesting race near Lichtenburg, South Africa this year, Northmec’s (NMI) Case IH 8250 with its Geringhoff Mais Star corn head had a clean sweep in the class-8 division. Bertus Barkhuizen explains what makes this head shine so brightly:

“One of the important improvements is that Geringhoff switched to a round frame instead of square, which makes the table lighter but stronger,” he says.

An advantage of a lighter head is less stress on the harvester, more productive working time and less soil compaction.

A first in the world is that the tension of the gathering chains is automatically regulated and adjusted while the harvester is working. With the automatic adjustment, the plants are always drawn in at the same speed for smoother and more even performance.

As the chain tensioner is tuned to the patented sprocket, the driveline is protected from blockages caused by debris and gearbox failures are avoided.

The chains are easily replaced with a special tool provided by Geringhoff.

Each gripper that draws the plants in has four hardened blades that are adjustable for a longer life. Flaps ensure that there is minimal wastage on the ground.

Each toe can be individually adjusted up or down as you like, and the cover can also  be easily lifted for any repairs or maintenance.

The auger’s position is very easily adjusted, and the auger itself is also larger, which offers more surface area to feed material through.

The cover plates that pick off the heads are adjustable from the cockpit.

NMI has Mais Star corn heads available from a 4-row to a 16-row, but even wider heads can be imported. Any row width can be ordered, but it is available as standard in 91 and 76 cm.

From an 8-row, 91-cm when buying through NMI the table gets height control sensors as standard – technology for the convenience of the operator.

Bertus says it is also possible to install row guidance which will ensure that the toes stay exactly in the middle of the rows for more efficient harvesting.

Watch a video about the Geringhoff Mais Star here and if you want to make your harvester shine with such an excellent match, feel free to visit your nearest NMI dealer.