Falcon and Amazone original spare parts are designed, manufactured and tested according to the same exacting standards as their finished products. The quality, durability and innovation which has built the reputation for these brands in the market place is a result of the high level of quality controls, testing, technical expertise and manufacturing experience where the products are built and assembled.

The original parts undergo, and are scrutinised, to these same high standards ensuring that when you buy an original part, you are buying into the same quality and principles of the finished product. This means a pirate part may look the same, but it isn’t!

Why use our original parts?

Superior quality & performance: The improved quality of the Falcon and Amazone original parts will ensure your implement will maintain its level of performance, reliability, and safety.

Seamless integration with implement: Original parts are the ideal solution for the care and maintenance of your implement because they comply with the original technical specification of the product, which ensures seamless integration, maximum safety, and performance.

Increased lifespan of the part and implement: The use of original parts will also maximise the lifespan of your implement and reduce the frustration and cost of downtime as a result of equipment failing.

Ensures validity of product warranty: To ensure the validity of your product warranty it is imperative to use original parts. We can not and do not provide any warranty on an implement that is using substitute or pirate parts.

Reduce revenue loss from downtime: The seamless integration with the implement will ensure the implement is operating again as quickly as possible, and the improved quality of using original parts will ensure you have fewer product failures and downtime.

Excellent customer service and support: Part number diagrams are available to download from our website to ensure quick and easy reference and identification. Our authorised spare part dealers are knowledgeable about our parts and keep stock of the most commonly required parts. We manufacture and keep parts on implements long after they have been discontinued. We build implements that last and are still supplying parts for implements that are in excess of 30 years old. Our excellent customer service and in-house parts team ensure that any parts that are not kept by the dealer, are sent quickly and efficiently to minimize downtime for our end users.

Falcon is the exclusive supplier of all Falcon and Amazone original spare parts through our authorised network of dealers nationwide. Our parts and components are, wherever possible, Falcon or Amazone branded which give our customers the assurance that the parts have been sourced or produced by Falcon/Amazone. This ensures differentiation between our original parts and substitute (pirate) parts in the marketplace.

For more information on Falcon and Amazone original spares visit Falcon’s website www.falconequipment.co.za