ISUZU, a trusted name in the automotive industry, is set to make waves once again at this year’s NAMPO Agricultural Trade Show. Renowned for their reliability and performance, ISUZU trucks and bakkies, including the iconic ISUZU D-MAX X-RIDER, D-MAX Arctic Truck AT35 and ISUZU mu-X models, are poised to demonstrate their prowess in meeting the unique transportation needs of the agriculture sector.

At the heart of ISUZU’s offering for the agriculture sector are its robust trucks, engineered to tackle the toughest challenges on the farm. From hauling heavy loads of produce to towing trailers laden with livestock, ISUZU trucks are synonymous with power and reliability. With their formidable engines and high torque capabilities, ISUZU ensures that farmers can transport their goods with ease, even across rugged terrains.

Attendees of this year’s festival will find ISUZU’s showcase at Stand E28 at NAMPO and can explore the capabilities of the following vehicles:

  • ISUZU Truck NPS 300 Crew Cab 4×4
  • ISUZU Truck NQR 500
  • ISUZU Truck FXR 17-360
  • ISUZU D-MAX 3.0 E/Cab 4×4 LSE
  • ISUZU 1.9 Ddi D/Cab HR X-RIDER AT 4 X 2
  • ISUZU 3.0 Ddi D-MAX Arctic 4×4 AT
  • ISUZU 3.0 Ddi Mu-x 4 X 4 Onyx A/T
  • ISUZU D-MAX 1.9 Ddi S/Cab 4×4 L

Trucking power

The NPS 300 Crew Cab 4×4 with a Rooftop tent is truly remarkable! This unique custom-built grey Crew Cab, adorned with dark badging, boasts a 3,000mm x 2,200mm flat deck, enhancing its versatility. Equipped with side toolboxes, side access ladders, a chrome nudge bar, and spotlights, it’s designed for both style and functionality. The addition of a rooftop tent makes it perfect for adventurous excursions. Plus, its adjustable tow hitch ensures flexibility for towing various items as needed.

The NQR 500 equipped with a hooklift system offers remarkable versatility. Its adaptable design allows for seamless transitions between a dropside unit and a dedicated firefighting module. Essentially, this setup eliminates the need for separate dropside and firefighting trucks, streamlining operations and maximising efficiency.

The FXR 17-360, outfitted with a cattle body, meets the versatile needs of farmers seeking a truck capable of functioning independently or as part of a truck drawbar combination. Powered by a fuel-efficient 265 kW (360 hp) engine, this 4×2 freighter provides ample performance while conserving fuel. Its multi-purpose cattle body is primarily utilised for transporting livestock, offering farmers a practical solution for their transportation needs.

Versatility, style and comfort

Among ISUZU’s impressive lineup is the D-MAX, a versatile bakkie that embodies the spirit of hard work and resilience. Whether it’s navigating through narrow farm roads or transporting equipment and supplies, the D-MAX excels in meeting the diverse needs of agricultural operations. With its rugged design and exceptional towing capacity, the D-MAX – including the Arctic AT35 and all-new X-RIDER models – proves to be an indispensable asset for farmers looking for dependable, yet stylish, vehicles.

For the farmer’s wife seeking comfort and capability in one package, the ISUZU mu-X offers the perfect solution. Combining the ruggedness of a traditional bakkie with the comfort of a luxury SUV, the mu-X redefines versatility on the farm. With its spacious interior, advanced safety features, and impressive off-road capabilities, the mu-X ensures that farmers can tackle any task with confidence and ease.

Unlocking success with ISUZU

In the dynamic landscape of agriculture, success hinges on efficiency, reliability, and adaptability. ISUZU trucks and bakkies emerge as the driving forces behind this success story, offering farmers more than just vehicles but reliable partners in their journey towards agricultural prosperity.

With robust engines and high torque capabilities, ISUZU trucks and bakkies effortlessly navigate through the toughest terrains, ensuring that farmers can transport their produce swiftly and efficiently. Whether it’s hauling bulky harvests or towing heavy machinery, ISUZU vehicles stand tall as stalwarts of performance, ensuring that no task is too daunting for farmers to tackle.

The NAMPO Agricultural Trade Show takes place from 14-17 May 2024 at NAMPO Park, Bothaville in the Free State. Visitors can take their time to view all sectors of the show from livestock to the latest and greatest trucks and bakkies.

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