Kverneland is a name that resonates sweetly in the ears of South African farmers. It is the name that has become synonymous with meticulous, punctual service and the leading, most efficient agricultural technology.

Jupidex is the proud distributor of Kverneland’s world standard agricultural equipment in South Africa and now also in Africa!

Over the years, Kverneland has delivered only the best craftsmanship and excellence. Ole Gabriel Kverneland founded Kverneland in 1879. Today, the Kverneland group has factories around the world, in Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Italy, among others.

The ProAgri team had the wonderful privilege of visiting their planter factory in Germany with the Jupidex team and the Kverneland group during August 2023, as well as attending the International Precision Agriculture Congress hosted by Kverneland.

Arthur Bezuidenhout, Managing Director of Jupidex (Pty) Ltd says: “We want to offer only the best for our farmers. We encourage farmers to increasingly make use of precision farming methods, and this is precisely why we are involved in these events; to sharpen our expertise and equip farmers in South Africa and Africa with world-class equipment taking their farming forward.”

Yasukazu Kamada, President and CEO of Kverneland Group, also shared the group’s vision and aspiration: “Our vision is to be a leading supplier of intelligent and efficient farming systems that contribute to sustainable agriculture to support the world’s growing population. Our mission is to develop new technology and support farmers.

We want to provide customers with products, systems, and services of superior value and standards.

“Our products and innovations make a positive contribution, not only to farmers across the entire value chain, but also to contractors for long-term success.”

Izél Grobbelaar, Marketing Coordinator, and Arthur Bezuidenhout, Managing Director of Jupidex, during the recent visit to Germany.

Izél Grobbelaar, Marketing Coordinator of Jupidex, says: “It is an honour to attend this event. We are not only the only African country, but also the only country outside Europe to attend the event. It means a lot to us to take agriculture to the next level for our farmers. For us it is important to keep abreast of new developments. “Our focus as Jupidex is so well in line with the mission and vision of Kverneland, especially with regard to the quality products they bring to the market. We want to make sure we offer farmers the best quality and robust machines for African conditions.”

Kverneland’s factory in Soest GmbH, Germany

The factory tour in Soest was a real experience. Soest is a small town north of Frankfurt in Germany. At this factory, the Kverneland group mainly manufactures planters and seed drills.

The Kverneland group has five plants in Germany: Soest, Klepp, Nieuw Vennep, Les Landes, and BCT.

The high standards of mechanisation technology accomplished here are amazing! From the design, which is constantly improved and refined according to farmers’ preferences, to the advanced factory equipment and skilled, dedicated craftsmen, Kverneland is an example of the best materials, the highest manufacturing standards, and the purest precision.

Arthur says: “The factory visit was once again an experience for us, to see how precisely and neatly the tools are manufactured. To look at the scale of the factory and the operations here, as well as the quality, control processes and standards at which these world-class products are being built is something that really stood out to us.

“It is a great honour for us to see and to be reassured knowing that we have joined hands with the right people in the industry. Kverneland does an excellent job of ensuring that customers are involved in the process of expressing their needs, and that these are included in the design and manufacture of the products. This is something we can take back to our customers.

“Technology and precision farming are increasingly being applied by farmers worldwide. Globally, industries are turning to integrated digital equipment that promises increased productivity. During the visit to the Kverneland congress, several new world-class precision implements were introduced, and we had the privilege of experiencing them first hand!”

Lynx, Helios, and Onyx mechanical weeding equipment

The Kverneland Onyx mechanical weed tiller in action.

Farmers are under constant pressure to reduce the use of pesticides, but also to increase yields to feed a growing population. The Kverneland Group has introduced new mechanical weeding solutions to help farmers achieve those goals. The Lynx, Helios and Onyx mechanical weeding equipment destroy weeds without damaging your crops and help aerate the soil while maintaining the moisture levels in your soil.

PUDAMA precision fertiliser placement

PUDAMA is the name of a technique that enables precision fertiliser placement under seeds during planting. Kverneland says up to 25% less fertiliser can be used without affecting yield.

Yes, you heard right! This is what PUDAMA can do for you.

Instead of a continuous flow of fertiliser, this system places your fertiliser exactly beneath the seed, where it should be. This helps the roots of the young plant to absorb the necessary nutrients immediately.

“I think it is important for us to understand that agriculture is accompanied by various challenges, especially in Africa,” says Arthur.

“The demonstrations from Kverneland proved that the new technology helps the farmer to get more with less. This means more profit in the farmer’s pocket.”

ROC RS 1000 Merger

The windrow maker: The ROC 1000 Merger in action.

“Kverneland’s hay equipment now includes the new ROC Merger, which we are very excited about,” says Arthur. “With alfalfa crops being increasingly produced in South Africa and in Africa, I believe the ROC Merger is the perfect solution for farmers, enabling them to pick up the entire crop from the ground, without nutrient losses or any parts of the crop being left behind,” he adds.

Unique features of the ROC RS 1000 Merger:

  • New short crop solution
  • Innovative roll design
  • Efficient operation and swing in all crop variations and conditions
  • Specialist in silage making too
  • Mergers ensure even windrows over larger portions of your fields
  • Less labour and less fuel consumption
  • Efficient and sustainable

Kverneland Rotago F power harrow

Rotago F is Kverneland’s new generation power harrow, and its unique features include quick and easy adjustments. A uniform, level seedbed gives each plant the best chance to develop and facilitates the harvesting process.

The new Rotago F power harrow is ISOBUS ready. The working depth can be adjusted on the move so that no time is wasted, and it has a levelling bar to ensure that the land is perfectly level.

The implement has been designed from scratch and is ready for all future farming concepts and challenges.

The Kverneland Rotago F is available in various working widths and folds up easily to pass through gates.

iXter B and iXtra sprayers with automated refilling

The iXter B18 rear-mounted sprayer with its combination iXtra frontmounted tank.

Another highlight was the discussion of the TwinFill iXter B18 rear-mounted sprayer with its combination iXtra front-mounted tank.

TwinFill is new software for the automatic filling of the front and rear mounted sprayer. The software ensures that the spray liquid is divided and transferred to the front and rear tank with the right volume and equal concentration.

TwinFill is particularly beneficial for medium-sized grain farmers, vegetable farmers, and contractors in mixed farming areas. The operator can simply pour in all the ingredients in one step up to the total required tank volume of the two tanks together or for the area to be sprayed, without having to measure everything twice and in different quantities and fill the tanks separately!

“If we look at the new spray solutions we have already launched in South Africa, we can sell these new products with their new add-ons and additional features even more easily,” says Arthur.

“I am very excited about what we have seen, especially with the new precision spray solutions. It is very exciting, and I think we are one of the very few companies in Africa to provide this to our farmers.”

What does the future hold for Jupidex and Kverneland?

“The field demonstrations, made it clear that Kverneland does not play around, especially not with regard to their durable implements, and this is exactly what we want to take back to our customers to ease their work and increase their profitability.

“When you look at the technology available to farmers these days, I think especially in Africa we only use a small portion of it. With Europe as world class leaders and at the forefront of agricultural technology and innovation, I truly believe that this is a great opportunity for us as Jupidex to introduce these implements to our African farmers. We look forward to spending on this and seeing this equipment flourish in the African market by 2030,” he says.

Since 1999, farmers in South Africa have been familiar with Kverneland equipment. “Over the years, with Kverneland as partner, we have shown our farmers that we are here to stay. We are committed to the success of our farmers. In 2024 we celebrate our 25th year as partners with Kverneland. It is also a great highlight for us to show our customers that we are committed and ready to invest further in the agricultural industry; not only in South Africa, but also crossing borders into Africa,” says Arthur.

Jupidex focuses on sustainability and the future of agriculture

Izél states: “Kverneland focuses on efficient, smart, and precision technology for farmers this is what we as the Jupidex group want to bring to the table. For Jupidex it is very important to understand the needs of our customers, especially with Africa now part of our distribution area and part of our bigger picture – to have the solutions for our farmers on the table, helping them to be more productive in the field and more profitable. With the knowledge that is available, we can also help farmers to make more informed decisions and farm sustainably.

“For us, it is very important that we take the information we gather at such events back to Africa and demonstrate it to our farmers by hosting farmer and demonstration days, and also attending exhibition days and expos to all to answer the questions that farmers have,” explains Izél.

“We want to make it work for everyone who wants to invest in the Kverneland brand name and with Jupidex as a partner. A big and even better future awaits with Kverneland. We look forward to introducing this new equipment to our farmers by the end of the year and early 2024,” concludes Arthur.

Jupidex and Kverneland are committed to offering only the best to farmers. Jupidex ensures that their technical specialists in the field are up to date with the latest technology to advise and support farmers where and when needed. Watch Jupidex’s website and social media platforms for the launch of these exciting new tools.

The Jupidex group is pleased to introduce the latest agricultural and especially precision technology to farmers. Visit their website at https://www.jupidex.co.za/ or call (+27)33-386-3574 for more information.