Every year there is a new product to see at Myburgh Toerusting’s NAMPO stand and this year is no exception. Jannie Myburgh says farmers can look at their new road grader at this year’s NAMPO and the farmers then also stand a chance to win a cash price of R5 000.

“We managed to build a grader that is cheaper than others but still efficient.

We have completely simplified it; it is not adjustable.

“It is carried on the tractor’s three-point lift and has only two depth control wheels where a farmer can set how deep he wants to scrape.

“It is a simple machine and because there is no movable parts it will last longer. There is nothing that moves and breaks.”

Farmers who have already seen this grader is very excited about it and the pricing. Jannie says that a normal entry level grader costs around R350 000, but the Myburgh grader only costs R150 000.

Myburgh Toerusting helps to open the road for you with their road grader.

 “The other advantage of this machine is that it is small enough to fit on a transport trailer.”

 They are also going to add the grader to their rental department that farmers who cannot afford the grader or do not need it full time can hire it at Myburgh Toerusting. What’s more reasonable than that?

This year will be Myburgh Toerusting’s 10th year at NAMPO and Jannie said they will miss it for nothing.

“NAMPO is the marketing highlight of the year. We get the opportunity to strengthen ties with our existing customers and to meet new people.”

As with all designs, one has to make adjustments. At NAMPO Myburgh Toerusting will ask farmers to make a list off any improvements that they would like to see on the grader. The person whose list is the closest to theirs will walk away with the R5 000 cash price.

Cut weeds in no time with Myburgh Toerusting’s weed cutter.

Jannie says that they are farmers who started to manufacture implements because they could not get what they wanted to buy, or it was just too expensive.

“When a farmer comes to visit Myburgh Toerusting they know they will see a working solution. Something that is cheaper and can do the work. Or something that is more expensive and can do the work better and last longer. We also build implements that do not yet exist!”

No farmer has time to struggle to get things done and Myburgh Toerusting’s equipment is known for their durability and simplicity.

“We build stuff that do not break and if something breaks the farmer must be able to fix it himself.”

Jannie explains that it is not machines that make mistakes but people.

Make sure your fence is sturdy with Myburgh Toerusting’s fence post driver.

“We try to develop our machines from the start in such a way that an operator cannot make a mistake with the machine.

“In other words, you set it once and your operator just raises and lowers it again. He never has to adjust the machine, he can just continue with his work.”

Visit Myburgh Toerusting’s friendly stand at G7BNC.

Myburgh Toerusting’s forklift makes hard work easy.

Also visit their website to look at all their products: www.mtoer.co.za.