When you buy a vehicle, you are not only buying a means of transport. You buy a tool that helps transport heavy loads, facilitates farm tasks, or the cabin where you and your family will spend many hours on the long road to your holiday destinations.

Therefore, it goes without saying that you want to approach a dealer who not only understands your needs, but also provides friendly, reliable after-sales service. One such dealer is Raceview Motors in Alberton.

“Relationship building is important to us,” says Nico Grobler jr, General Manager of new vehicles at Raceview Motor Group. The company started in 1999 as a second-hand vehicle dealership. “At the time, my uncle, Dirk Grobler, started with ten or twelve cars,” he says. “As the years went on, we grew and identified brands to add.”

Today, the dealer’s portfolio consists of Mahindra (which was already added in 2012), Haval, GWM and the 2021 addition, Chery.

Service is the name of the game at Raceview Motors

“Our customers support us faithfully. There are customers from Alberton, the Vaal Triangle, Meyerton, Heidelberg and even Newcastle. These are people who appreciate our service and travel from far and wide to do business with us,” Charles Kuhn, General Manager of used vehicles at Raceview Motors boasts.

For this dealer, it is a top priority to understand customers and offer them what they need. “People are very picky when they purchase vehicles,” he says. “To help them in their decisions, we assure buyers that they are welcome to come take a look at any vehicle and take it for a test drive.” After all, that is what the friendly Raceview Motor family is there for!

“The team of people who work here are passionate about the products and their work. We also look after our people’s physical and mental health, because this reflects in their relationship with the customer,” Nico emphasises.

Thanks to the demand from so many customers, Raceview Motors now has the opportunity to also expand and increase their facilities.

“We want to give every customer, regardless of the brand they purchase, the focused attention they deserve.”

Raceview Motors has a pre-delivery inspection facility where all cars are thoroughly checked before they are handed over to the customer.

Not just a dealer, but a world-class service centre

Raceview Motors is currently working on a huge building project to increase their floor space and improve service capacity. The new premises’ first phase is the service centre where all cars – second-hand or new – can be serviced. The second phase is the brand new showroom which will be completed by June 2024.

The service centre should be finished by the end of November, but will be operational by January. The various sections that will be at Raceview Motor Group after the completion of construction are the enlarged showroom, the improved service centre, the showroom for second- hand vehicles and the pre-delivery inspection facility.

This line of Haval cars is ready to go to to their new owners.

The entire development covers 11 000 square metres.

The new venue will house each brand’s pre-delivery inspection facility. “Every brand has its own right to exist and they have also proven that to us. That is why we want to give the customer the experience of the relevant brand names – just like the car and customer deserve.

“We can only say thank you for the support from our immediate surrounding community. They have made it possible for us to grow to this point. Without them we are nothing,” Nico concludes.

Test drive any vehicle at Raceview Motor Group in Alberton today. Visit their website at www.raceviewmotors.co.za for more information.